Segway PT treads lightly across a famous beach

Just how light on the environment is the Segway Personal Transporter (PT)?

Well, here’s what happens when the Segway XT tracks across the famous black sands at Karekare beach (rated #38 on CNN’s list of the world’s top 100 beaches, it is located 35km north of Auckland).

As you can see, the large, low-pressure tyres of a x-Series Segway PT barely imprints on the surface….in stark contrast to the deep depressions formed by the footprints of a person walking a path across the sand.

Segway XT on the famous black sands of Karekare beach, north of Auckland (New Zealand)
Segway XT on the famous black sands of Karekare beach, north of Auckland (New Zealand)

Check out a world-famous environmentalist on an eco-friendly Segway x2 Turf: Peter Garrett gets around without burning the Midnight Oil is a reminder how this lightweight, zero-emission vehicle has been designed from the ground up to to be compatible with and safe in pedestrian spaces.

Karekare is a popular destination that features rugged, windswept vistas. The beach was the star in one of the most striking scenes in The Piano, winner of three Academy Awards (out of 8 nominations) in March 1994: Best Actress for Holly Hunter, Best Supporting Actress for Anna Paquin, and Best Original Screenplay for writer/director Jane Campion. Paquin, who at the time was 11 years old, is the second youngest Oscar winner ever in a competitive category. The film also starred Sam Neill and Harvey Keitel.

Karekare also lends its name to the opening song on Crowded House‘s fourth album Together Alone (as “Kare Kare”), which was recorded in a farm house overlooking this beach.

CNN is currently the third-most popular website, and three New Zealand beaches made its recent Top 100 Beaches list. In addition to Karekare, Kaiteriteri in Tasman Bay (top of the South Island) rated #68 and Hot Water Beach in Coromandel (North Island) rated #94. In 2003 The Guardian newspaper rated Kaiteriteri along with two Carribean beaches, an Irish beach and one on the East African archipelago of the Seychelles as the five best beaches in the world.

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