James Law Realty gets around Auckland CBD on Segway PTs

Staff at James Law Realty have been using Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) since 2011 to get around Auckland’s inner city “traffic nightmare.”

Their first Segway PT proved so useful the company purchased a second machine in 2012, and are now considering getting a third.

Recently, Segway New Zealand serviced both of James Law Realty’s first-generation Segway PTs. Despite being manufactured in 2006, these Segway i180 models required only about $100 of replacement parts. New models, such as the new Segway i2 SE are even more durable.

The Segway PT has proven itself to be a safe, convenient, efficient and very cost-effective solution to a very real problem faced by many businesses located in Auckland’s CBD.

This photo is from the NZ Herald (taken by Greg Bowker)
James Law staff in downtown Auckland (NZ Herald photo by Greg Bowker)

James Law Realty specialises in apartments sales and commercial leasing, and in 2012 the NZ Herald reported that:

Principal agent James Law said the…[Segway PTs]…help agents get to their clients faster, and remove their worries about parking infringements if meetings lasted longer than expected.


“With the Segways, our agents can go straight to their appointments, and even taking their machines in the lifts with them.”


“With the Auckland Council plans of having more footpaths and making driving more difficult, it makes business sense that we find an alternative means to get around,” Mr Law said.

Auckland city planners want to reduce the number of motor vehicles that come into the city, in part by creating more “shared spaces” such as those already found in Elliot Street and Fort Street where cars, bicycles, electric personal transporters (such as the Segway PT) and pedestrians share the area.


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