Waikato Home & Garden Show: see us here Thurs-Sun

The Waikato Home & Garden Show is our favourite to exhibit at each year. The show’s grand scope, the incredible effort that exhibitors put into their indoor displays, and stunning outdoor garden art and sculptures constructed in-situ in just a couple of days prior to the show opening gives this event a very special atmosphere that is quite unmatched. Once you attend, you’ll ‘just know’ what we mean.


Segway New Zealand will be at Stand 98 at Claudelands Events Centre (Thursday 2 October to Sunday 5 October). This is our seventh year exhibiting here, and the 30th anniversary of the show.

Our Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) play a key role in event management at the Waikato Home & Garden Show. Every year, staff use a fleet of our Segway PTs to get around throughout the pre-show set-up days, as well as during the show.

Staff from Ambulance EMT ride their customised, red Segway PT throughout the show providing first-responder assistance to those who need medical assistance. Some exhibitors get Corporate Videos shot on site by Geoff Andrew at Moving Media.

DIGITAL NATIONZ – now with 9m of Segway goodness

DIGITAL NATIONZ: Gizmos, Gadgets and Technology opens on Saturday morning at Vector Arena, Auckland.


Segway New Zealand has a massive, 9m long stand right in the front foya so you can try out the new Segway i2 SE and x2 SE Personal Transporters, as well as other models. Discover how much fun the Segway PT is to ride and think about how you can use one for commuting, business productivity, patrols, promotions and much more. Here are two photos we took today while we were setting up.


There is a lot of see at DIGITAL NATIONZ 2014. For example, close to our site you’ll find a Tesla Roadster together with several other electric cars (see also: our article featuring a collection of century-old electric cars in Christchurch), as well as the Rex Bionics Exoskeleton.


Elsewhere in the building, along with the many audio-visual extravaganzas (and drones), is the Techvana technology museum exhibit with just about every personal computer and home gaming system ever created on display – right back to companies like Atari from the early 1970s. In fact, the exhibits date back way further than that…..all the way to one of the actual electric ‘valves’ from the very first computer ever built by the British to break German codes during World War 2. Techvana opened a crowd-sourced funding initiative today.


See us at Digital NatioNZ – the Gizmos, Gadgets and Technology Show



image001This weekend (27-28 September 2014) we’re exhibiting at Digital NatioNZ: the Gizmos, Gadgets and Technology Show to be held at Vector Arena, Auckland.

Come along and see the brand new Segway i2 SE and Segway x2 SE models.

You’ll get to ride Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) and take away our Case Studies on how New Zealanders use Segway PT’s for commuting, personal mobility, security patrols, public safety and rapid first-response, mail delivery and fast food delivery, and improving worksite productivity at factories and efficiency on farms.

We’ll also have on display the only genuine Ferrari Segway i2 you’re ever likely to see. There are only two of these in the Southern Hemisphere, and only 40 were ever made.



NZ’s top technology entrepreneurs ride Segway PTs at MORGO

Segway New Zealand was invited to bring a fleet of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to this year’s Morgo, which concludes today at Waitangi, Bay of Islands.

Morgo 2014 attendees, including Rod Drury on one of our Segway PTs.
Morgo 2014 attendees, including Rod Drury on one of our Segway PTs.

An invitation-only event, Morgo is the annual get together for people actively building high-growth companies into the world. It is attended by New Zealand’s top export-focused technology entrepreneurs, and always features speakers of the highest quality. This year’s opening address was by Rod Drury (Founder and CEO of Xero.com) – who was one of our first Segway PT customers in 2004, and a fearless member of NZ’s Pole Blacks Segway Polo team.

Left: Andy Lark and Rod Drury tweet as a Segway PT rider glides by in the distance. Right: Sunset in the beautiful Bay of Islands as Morgo 2014 draws to a close.
Left: Andy Lark and Rod Drury tweet as a Segway PT rider glides by in the distance. Right: Sunset in the beautiful Bay of Islands as Morgo 2014 draws to a close.

Segway NZ has attended Morgo almost every year since 2007. Search our News archives for many past stories about our experiences with NZ-invented technologies launched or featured at Morgo (for example, the Martin Jet Pack, Yike Bike, and Rex Exoskeleton).

The Morgo promo graphic includes a photo of Seeby Woodhouse playing Segway Polo at the 2007 event (centre-left)
The Morgo promo graphic includes a photo of Seeby Woodhouse playing Segway Polo at the 2007 event (centre-left)

Segway, Inc. and DEKA file action to stop patent infringement by Chinese ‘clones’


Companies Seeking Protection of Segway® Personal Transporter Patents and Copyrights

Bedford, NH USA – September 10, 2014 – Segway Inc. (Segway), the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation, together with DEKA Research and Development Corporation (DEKA), founded by renowned inventor Dean Kamen, filed a joint complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to stop the importation of products that infringe the patents and copyrights that protect the two-wheel Segway® Personal Transporter (PT).

The Segway PT was launched in 2001. Today, it is used in a wide variety of applications throughout the world. It is recognized globally as a uniquely American product, which was conceived, designed, engineered and is still built and serviced in New Hampshire, USA. In recent years, there has been an influx of low quality two-wheel personal transporters built on the intellectual property developed by DEKA and Segway. If this influx is allowed to continue, this iconic American product and the U.S. jobs dependent on it will be threatened.

 “The Segway brand and the Segway PT’s patented technology represent significant investments of intellectual effort and capital. It’s our responsibility to take appropriate action to protect both from encroachment by infringers,” said Rod Keller, President, Segway. “More importantly, we feel strongly about continuing our 13-year contribution to the U.S. economy and preserving the considerable number of jobs directly and indirectly generated by Segway throughout the United States.”

The complaint’s title is Certain Personal Transporters, Components Thereof, and Manuals Therefor.


About Segway

Segway Inc., based in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA is the world’s leading provider of personal electric transportation. Its international network currently includes more than 250 distributor, dealer and experience center retail points in 80 countries. For more information, visit www.segway.com

Magic Broomstick Segway Tours profiled in Channel magazine

This month’s Feature Interview in Channel magazine is with Pauline Baker, owner of iconic Devonport business Magic Broomstick Segway Tours.



Pauline talks about how she came to own and then grow her business, the ‘magic’ of Devonport as a destination and a place to live, who she looks up to in business, and much more. Our favourite quote is this one:

Channel: Do you have a mentor you look to for advice?
Pauline Baker:  In the early days of the Segway Tour business I had several sessions with Robert Tulp,  a mentor who gave the me a piece of advice without, which I don’t think I would be in business today.  That was ‘to take ownership of the business’, to make it mine and decide  ‘this is what I really want to do.’

Pauline’s business has won five-star ratings with Trip Advisor in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, and is also approved to operate in Devonport’s historic public conservation areas by the Department of Conservation.


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