Segway, Inc. and DEKA file action to stop patent infringement by Chinese ‘clones’


Companies Seeking Protection of Segway® Personal Transporter Patents and Copyrights

Bedford, NH USA – September 10, 2014 – Segway Inc. (Segway), the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation, together with DEKA Research and Development Corporation (DEKA), founded by renowned inventor Dean Kamen, filed a joint complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to stop the importation of products that infringe the patents and copyrights that protect the two-wheel Segway® Personal Transporter (PT).

The Segway PT was launched in 2001. Today, it is used in a wide variety of applications throughout the world. It is recognized globally as a uniquely American product, which was conceived, designed, engineered and is still built and serviced in New Hampshire, USA. In recent years, there has been an influx of low quality two-wheel personal transporters built on the intellectual property developed by DEKA and Segway. If this influx is allowed to continue, this iconic American product and the U.S. jobs dependent on it will be threatened.

 “The Segway brand and the Segway PT’s patented technology represent significant investments of intellectual effort and capital. It’s our responsibility to take appropriate action to protect both from encroachment by infringers,” said Rod Keller, President, Segway. “More importantly, we feel strongly about continuing our 13-year contribution to the U.S. economy and preserving the considerable number of jobs directly and indirectly generated by Segway throughout the United States.”

The complaint’s title is Certain Personal Transporters, Components Thereof, and Manuals Therefor.


About Segway

Segway Inc., based in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA is the world’s leading provider of personal electric transportation. Its international network currently includes more than 250 distributor, dealer and experience center retail points in 80 countries. For more information, visit

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