DIGITAL NATIONZ – now with 9m of Segway goodness

DIGITAL NATIONZ: Gizmos, Gadgets and Technology opens on Saturday morning at Vector Arena, Auckland.


Segway New Zealand has a massive, 9m long stand right in the front foya so you can try out the new Segway i2 SE and x2 SE Personal Transporters, as well as other models. Discover how much fun the Segway PT is to ride and think about how you can use one for commuting, business productivity, patrols, promotions and much more. Here are two photos we took today while we were setting up.


There is a lot of see at DIGITAL NATIONZ 2014. For example, close to our site you’ll find a Tesla Roadster together with several other electric cars (see also: our article featuring a collection of century-old electric cars in Christchurch), as well as the Rex Bionics Exoskeleton.


Elsewhere in the building, along with the many audio-visual extravaganzas (and drones), is the Techvana technology museum exhibit with just about every personal computer and home gaming system ever created on display – right back to companies like Atari from the early 1970s. In fact, the exhibits date back way further than that…..all the way to one of the actual electric ‘valves’ from the very first computer ever built by the British to break German codes during World War 2. Techvana opened a crowd-sourced funding initiative today.


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