Get a Segway PT on Lease-to-own/Operating Lease with Flexirent


Segway New Zealand has partnered with technology finance company FlexiGroup to offer our customers more options to acquire the latest Segway i2 SE and x2 SE Personal Transporters (PTs).

Their Flexirent service offers both Operating Lease (12 to 36 months) and Lease-to-Own (12 to 60 months) options for businesses to get the benefits, cost savings or extra revenue from deploying the Segway PT today, and making regular payments going forward.

Pay as little as ~$66+GST per week for a new Segway i2 SE*

Now you can put a Segway PT to work in your business for less than $10 per day. Use Flexirent’s online calculators to find out what your regular payments will be, then phone Flexirent and get approval in under 10 minutes.**


Segway Accessories are accessories to add functionality for a variety of purposes. For example, Logistics users might chose a Front Bag or a Front Case, waterproof Cases or open Storage Bins on each side, Flashing Lights for improved visibility (to meet Health and Safety criteria in some workplaces) as a  compliment to the built-in front and rear running lights, holders for Smartphone/Tablet/Clipboard holders, or a USB power source. Other options include golf bag carriers and advertising signs/shields.

Segway i2 SE Logistics configurations
Segway i2 SE Logistics configurations

For security companies, public safety, first aiders and other first responders the Segway i2 SE Patroller and x2 SE Patroller models of Personal Transporter, plus the new three-wheeled SE-3 Patroller, have been specifically designed to meet the needs for these users.

Segway SE-3 Patroller
Segway SE-3 Patroller


*based on a $12,995 retail price on Lease-to-Own over 60 months at rates as of 15 October 2015.

** subject to FlexiGroup’s normal lending criteria.

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