Magic Broomstick Segway Tours begins “SE” upgrade

Magic Broomstick Tours recently purchased two of the new Segway i2 SE models to add to their fleet of Personal Transporters (PTs).

“Not only have I expanded the number of Segway PTs in time for summer, but I like to keep my fleet as new and modern as possible,” says proprietor Pauline Baker.

“I like the new features of the i2 SE’s, especially the front and rear running lights that improve visibility. The much-lower centre console makes mounting and dismounting easier too,” she adds.

A new Segway i2 SE next to an original i2. Note the lower, cutaway centre console.
One of Magic Broomsticks’ new Segway i2 SE Personal Transporters (left) next to an original i2 (right). Note the redesigned, quick-to-remove LeanSteer Frame and the lower, cutaway centre console for easy mounting.

Magic Broomstick Tours is a popular tourist attraction with visitors to Auckland. Nowhere else in the world can you visit three different volcanoes on a Segway PTs in under an hour! Plus, once you’ve glided effortlessly to the top of the highest (Mt Victoria), you get to enjoy stunning 360 degree views back across Auckland city and its harbour.

Tours depart several times a day from the Devonport Ferry Wharf. For details, visit the new-look Magic Broomstick Segway Tours website. For our previous articles about Magic Broomstick Segway Tours, search our Archives.


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