Innovation Beyond the Wheel: speaking at ANZSCoS Scientific Meeting


Philip Bendall from Segway New Zealand was invited to speak at the Australia and New Zealand Spinal Cord Society’s 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting held in Auckland recently.

This year’s them was ‘Innovation Beyond the Wheel’ and sub-themes for the Meeting included Reawakening the Cord, Novel Practices, Weathering Disaster & Contingency Planning, and Innovative Strategies for Lifelong Engagement.

He presented a 15 minute session during the Physiotherapy Discipline Specific Meeting – which had the theme “Technology in Rehab” this year – at the invitation of Jonathan Kwan from the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit ASRU. He talked about how New Zealanders have adopted Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) for mobility, remarking that one of the earlier adopters in the mid-2000’s had been a member of staff at the Spinal Unit who’d had a spinal injury as a result of a car accident. He discussed the various models, and optional attachments that are popular with mobility users.

His presentation followed a demonstration of the REX Exoskeleton by REX Bionics, which is a world-leading technology developed in New Zealand (see our coverage of MORGO 2010 were Philip Bendall walked in the then-only-just-revealed REX Exoskeleton). REX Bionics listed on the UK stock exchange earlier this year.

REX Bionics 'poster boy' Hayden Allen and REX Bionics founder Richard Little
REX Bionics original ‘poster boy’ Hayden Allen, and REX Bionics founder Richard Little.

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