Segway’s new SE-3 Patroller is coming to New Zealand this year

Last year Segway, Inc. launched the SE-3 Patroller, a three-wheeled stand-up vehicle designed for Public Safety roles: security, police, emergency response. Demand for the SE-3 in USA and Canada has been so high from police departments, aviation security services and private security companies that patrol sites such as shopping malls and stadiums that almost so almost no SE-3 Patrollers have been seen anywhere outside North America.

Philip Bendall on the Segway SE-3 Patroller (Queensland, Australia)
Philip Bendall on the Segway SE-3 Patroller (Queensland, Australia)
Last week Segway New Zealand’s Philip Bendall test-rode the only SE-3 Patroller in the Southern Hemisphere, at Segway Queensland (Australia). This machine is destined for deployment by Queensland Police, who already have officers patrolling public spaces on two-wheeled, self-balancing Segway x2 SE Patrollers.
(left) SE-3 Patroller; (right) Segway x2 SE Patroller front shields lined up for use by Queensland Police officers
(left) SE-3 Patroller; (right) Segway x2 SE Patroller front shields lined up for use by Queensland Police officers
Segway New Zealand intends landing the first Segway SE-3 Patroller into New Zealand during Q2 2015. We’re encouraging organisations interested in trying it out in their environment to be in touch. We’ll be loaning it for up to a week at a time so your workplace can really get a feel for the utility and capabilities of the SE-3 Patroller. This vehicle is a new concept – it is not a PT, it is not a golf cart, but something that brings elements of both as well as unique capabilities. We expect the SE-3 Patroller to be of interest to airport security contractors and the Aviation Security Service, to universities and similar large campus sites, to large factories and worksites, to sports stadiums, to private security companies and to Councils. Here is a FAQ with details specifications and a discussion of the unique propositions that the SE-3 Patroller has to offer.

Getting around ‘Machinery Hire’ yards on PTs

Owners of two New Zealand machinery hire yards use Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to get around their worksites.


Nevada Equipment is a hire and sales company in Pukekohe (south of Auckland) that uses a Segway x2 to zip around the yard. Proprietor Nevene Chhiba says the Segway x2 speeds up how quickly he can conduct routine site checks, and is especially invaluable when performing maintenance on machines in the yard. The Segway x2 enables him to rapidly make trips back and forth between the device he is working on and his fully-equiped workshop. He remarks that when adding up all the walking, it was easy to lose half an hour’s productivity per day when he used to walk back and forth. For a small business that equates to a lot of foregone turnover….and lost profit. The Segway x2 reduces a day’s total trip time to just minutes, and carries not just Nevene but also tools and parts.

The Segway x2 offers sure-footed traction over the shingle surface of the yard. The low pressure, quad-bike type ATV tyres and intuitive self-balancing capabilities make for quick, safe, comfortable journeys across loose gravel in both wet and dry conditions.


Green Hire in Tauranga uses a Segway XT to get around their large site next to State Highway 27. The main equipment sheds and storage areas for cranes, scissor lifts and other mobile machinery is located next to the road frontage, but one of the workshops is some distance away – up a driveway that runs uphill. It is a long way to walk on a busy day – especially when time is money. These days, proprietor Doug Murdock and his staff cross that distance in a flash on their Segway XT. If you ask, they might even hire it to you.

Other locations where Segway PTs are used to carry ‘maintenance crew’ and their parts and tools are the Locksmith at Canterbury University and the Properties Manager at Forest Hill Primary School.


Beach patrols on Segway Personal Transporters

Police are patrolling the hot sands of Queensland’s beautiful beaches on Segway Personal Transporters (PTs).

Last year we looked at “How the Segway Patroller is transforming community policing programs” on the lakefront beaches of Lake Ontario, and at “Beachfront patrols in Bali.”

A photo from Daily Mail UK) newspaper article.
A photo from Daily Mail UK) newspaper article.

Perhaps as some kind of an antidote to the cold, wet English winter, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper recently published a great set of photos of a policeman on a Segway x2 SE Patroller cruising a hot, sunny Noosa beach. The associated story details how Queensland Police have found the Segway PT to be the best way to do their job at the seaside.

Police began trials a year ago on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Southbank, and by the time these were concluded in June 2013 some 75 officers had been trained to use them. The trial concluded “…that Segway PTs were an ideal alternative way of transport in areas that are normally only accessible by foot.”

A photo from Daily Mail UK) newspaper article.
A photo from Daily Mail UK) newspaper article.

Segway PTs have been deployed in many locations since, from busy downtown areas to community patrols in urban areas, at parks and along riversides, and of course on those famous golden stretches of beachfront. According to the Daily Mail article, Senior Sergant Mcreight said Segway PTs were often used to patrol beaches and boardwalks in his area:

‘It’s a quick way to move around and research from other law enforcement agency’s show they are relatively quick and have a beneficial height factor of about 15-30 cm that allows better vision,’ Mr Mcreight said.

‘It’s a new technology for new police and the guy enjoys using it and finds it quite convenient.’

‘It’s good fun on the beach, especially when it’s busy and you can’t really drive or walk – the Segway is pretty good to get around and get between people,’ Mr Senekal said.

Advanced traction-control and anti-skid algorithms enable the Segway Personal Transporters to glide safely and quietly through the sand. They emit zero emissions, and leave only the lightest of tracks behind. We’ve shown how a person’s footprints on Auckland’s famous Karekare beach leave much, much deeper impressions in the sand than the low-pressure, balloon tyres of the Segway x2 SE. And in any case, the next tide or a bit of wind soon erases all traces – be they left by man or machine.

Doin’ a hard day’s yakka

Kiwi farmers have always been quick to pick up a useful new tool. If there’s a machine out there that will speed up getting a job done then they’re going to be interested in taking a good look at it.

Increasingly, Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) are finding a home on every size and kind of rural property in New Zealand. Check out this snapshot of a corner in one 21st Century Kiwi farm implement shed:

"Yeah yeah, nah, that's an old Segway x2 cross-terrain machine you can see in front. Sure, it's been around the bush a bit, mate, but then haven't we all 'round here. Yeah man, I slapped some Turf tyres. Did it to keep the Missus happy - you know, for when the kids tear it up on the back lawn. When I first got it, it had ATV tyres, bit like the old quady behind it. If the bloody milk solids price lifts a bit this season I might get one of those brand new Segway x2 SE's that just came out. That lucky bastard up the road's just got one, says they're s'posed to be even more rugged in the mud."
“Yeah, nah, that’s an old Segway x2 cross-terrain machine you can see up front. Sure mate, it’s been around the bush a bit – but then haven’t we all ’round here? I use it pretty much every day, for somethin’ or other. I nip up to the milking shed on it all the time. It’s quicker to jump on the PT and just go, than to climb onto the quad bike, back ‘er out and turn ‘er around. Plus the PT always starts up instantly – you don’t have to crank it in the cold. Yep, you can see I slapped on some Turf tyres. Did that to keep the Missus happy, coz you know what it’s like when the kids want to tear around the lawn. When I first got it, it had ATV tyres – a bit like the old quady has – but it’s still got shitloads of grip. And it’s safer for the little tackers and for the farm workers than the quad bikes. Bloody obvious, really. Plus I can throw it on the back of the Hilux and take it with me up the road to the top block. Now if the milk solids price comes up a bit this season I might even get one of those brand new Segway x2 SE’s. Gotta keep up with whatshisname, that lucky bastard next door who’s already gone out and got himself one. He was sayin’ the other day that the SE’s are s’posed to be even more rugged in the mud, which ya might-a noticed we get a bit of ’round here in the ‘Naki.”  (see note below)

To really get an idea of just how broadly Segway PTs are being used on the land, here are a few local examples:

DAIRY and SHEEP: a 200 hectare (500 acre) dairy and equine farm in Karaka uses a Segway x2 SE; an even-larger dairy farm in Te Awamutu uses two Segway x2’s; and a High Country Sheep Station in the Southern Alps of the South Island uses a whole fleet.

KIWIFRUIT: Award-winning “Grower of the Year” 6 hectare (15 acre) orchard in Te Puna (Tauranga) and a 50 hectare (120 acre) orchard in Te Puke use Segway PTs to move staff and equipment about – quietly and efficiently.

Waikato vineyard; Bay of Plenty Kiwifruit orchard; Canadian berry farm; Spanish plant nursery and garden centre.
Waikato vineyard; Bay of Plenty Kiwifruit orchard; Canadian berry farm; Spanish plant nursery and garden centre.

WINERY: a Waikato vineyard uses Segway x2’s for jobs such as collecting leaf samples for pest management.

FORESTRY: a forestry contractor uses two Segway PTs on large worksites.

SMALL HOLDINGS/LIFESTYLE BLOCKS: the owner of a 10 acre property in Coatesville (Auckland) uses a Segway x2 for property maintenance, including knapsack spot spraying. His kids use it for fun on the weekends.

Auckland lifestyle block (small holding); Karaka dairy and equine farm.
Auckland lifestyle block (small holding); Karaka dairy and equine farm.

We’ve featured several overseas farming case studies recently, including a plant nursery and garden centre that has boosted productivity “tremendously” with a fleet of Segway i2’s, and a Canadian berry farm that has deployed the Segway x2.

Our July 2013 article “Over hills, over plains, through the mud and in the rain…” goes into specific detail about why the two-wheeled, self-balancing, zero-emission Segway PT is pretty darn good at putting in a hard day’s yakka down on the farm.

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Note: the quote below the first photograph in the article includes many examples of “Kiwi farmer” vernacular and idiomatic phrases that are commonly used in both rural and urban conversational English. Many of these may be mystifying to people living outside New Zealand or Australia. If you can’t work out what the farmer is saying, just ask us for an explanation in the Comments section.


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