Segway NZ News stats for 2014

More people viewed Segway New Zealand News last year than ever before.

Our 21,900 unique page views by some 10,000 visitors is up 20% over last year (and up 5% from our previous-best year in 2012).

Average Page Views per Day 2014

This site receives an average of 60 page views per day, and many visitors dig deep into at least one older article that isn’t amongst half-dozen most recent stories that feature on our Home Page.

America and Germany followed close behind New Zealand as our most popular audiences, and during 2014 we had views from 146 countries in all.

We posted 71 new articles, bringing the total since we began in August 2008 to 381 posts. March 27 was our most popular day, with 187 views.

Our site is well-crawled by search engines, and our post popular posts visited this way were:

  1. Inside a Segway PT Gearbox (and all about servicing, elastomers, couplings)
  2. Segway Batteries – advanced technology developed together with Valance Technology [updated]
  3. InfoKey Programming Tool gets software upgrade, goes mobile [updated]
  4. Segway gyroscope: Silicon Sensing keeps PT in balance
  5. Philip Bendall walks REX Exoskeleton, rides Yike Bike

Thanks for visiting Segway New Zealand News. We’re glad you find our posts interesting and useful, and hope you’ll keep enjoying our views and opinions onwards into 2015.

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