Getting around ‘Machinery Hire’ yards on PTs

Owners of two New Zealand machinery hire yards use Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to get around their worksites.


Nevada Equipment is a hire and sales company in Pukekohe (south of Auckland) that uses a Segway x2 to zip around the yard. Proprietor Nevene Chhiba says the Segway x2 speeds up how quickly he can conduct routine site checks, and is especially invaluable when performing maintenance on machines in the yard. The Segway x2 enables him to rapidly make trips back and forth between the device he is working on and his fully-equiped workshop. He remarks that when adding up all the walking, it was easy to lose half an hour’s productivity per day when he used to walk back and forth. For a small business that equates to a lot of foregone turnover….and lost profit. The Segway x2 reduces a day’s total trip time to just minutes, and carries not just Nevene but also tools and parts.

The Segway x2 offers sure-footed traction over the shingle surface of the yard. The low pressure, quad-bike type ATV tyres and intuitive self-balancing capabilities make for quick, safe, comfortable journeys across loose gravel in both wet and dry conditions.


Green Hire in Tauranga uses a Segway XT to get around their large site next to State Highway 27. The main equipment sheds and storage areas for cranes, scissor lifts and other mobile machinery is located next to the road frontage, but one of the workshops is some distance away – up a driveway that runs uphill. It is a long way to walk on a busy day – especially when time is money. These days, proprietor Doug Murdock and his staff cross that distance in a flash on their Segway XT. If you ask, they might even hire it to you.

Other locations where Segway PTs are used to carry ‘maintenance crew’ and their parts and tools are the Locksmith at Canterbury University and the Properties Manager at Forest Hill Primary School.



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