Segway PTs keep crowds safe at ‘Balloons Over Waikato’

Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) have established a valuable role in Public Safety deployments around the world. This week in New Zealand staff on Segway PTs are helping to manage the large crowds at the spectacular week-long ‘Balloons Over Waikato’ event in Hamilton.


For the sixth year, Segway New Zealand is donating the use of two Segway PTs for use by event organisers Classic Events. Last year’s event was the first time the new Segway i2 SE Patroller models were seen and used in public.

Balloons Over Waikato concludes tonight with the spectacular ‘Night Glow’ event, which is free for the public to attend.



With such large crowds the Segway PTs have proven invaluable tools, year in and year out. They enable wardens to travel faster and further, to see more from an elevated perspective, and to be seen by car drivers in the large public parking areas.


30,000km later: Segway On Q’s longest-serving PT

Segway On Q's two vans used to transport passengers and PTs.
Segway On Q’s two vans used to transport passengers and PTs.

Earlier this week Segway New Zealand helped Kevin Hey – proprietor of Queenstown’s Segway On Q tour business – service his fleet of ten Personal Transporters (PTs).

When checking the odometer of one of their eight i2 models, we discovered one “little Engine that could” had almost 30,000km on the clock!

Using Segway On Q’s popular 5km ‘Bay Tour’ route as an average distance, one could say this machine has ferried happy tourists on some 6,000 trips since starting out on its busy service life.

It is a testament to Segway, Inc.’s engineers that they have designed and built such a reliable and capable platform. The Segway PT is constructed with rugged components designed for many years of service life, and has a full set of redundant sub-systems to offer safe, reliable transport. To meet New Zealand’s health & safety regulations and various other legal requirements for transporting paying tourists, a self-balancing ‘human transporter’ must have redundant sub-systems throughout. Only the Segway Personal Transporter is designed and built with twin, fully isolated and independent sets of components (i.e. a pair of double-wound motors, two battery packs, two controller boards, and multiple sensors).

Segway On Q's fleet of Segway PTs
Segway On Q’s fleet of Segway PTs

Auckland to Bluff: Segway NZ’s 2015 nationwide business tour

Every year around this time Segway NZ travels the length of New Zealand, exhibiting at a range of trade shows in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Last week we showed off the new Camouflage colour option for the Segway x2 model.

Camouflage Segway x2 Turf launched last week at a trade show in Hamilton.
Camouflage Segway x2 Turf launched last week at a trade show in Hamilton.

During this 5,000km ‘road trip’ we also visit new and existing Segway PT owners located ‘off the beaten track.’ These are people and businesses who might not otherwise find it convenient to see us, or our Wellington (BodyElectric) and Christchurch (Urban Wheels) agents. New Zealand is a very long country, and there are individuals and businesses who own, operate and enjoy Segway PTs in just about every region you can name.

We bring accessories, parts and service equipment with us, and also take the opportunity to visit all of the Segway Tour operators around the country. Just about every Segway Tour in New Zealand is a SegwayAuthorised Tour, which means the operators are meeting a voluntary code of compliance to keep their fleet in properly serviced, safe operating condition, and that their tour routes and safety practices meet specified requirements.

This year we travelled all the way to Bluff – the southern-most tip of the South Island….probably only the second time Segway PTs have reached this far south. The first time was when one owner took his Segway PT from Bluff to Stewart Island by helicopter. At the time we observed:

….Segway NZ thinks this could well be the world record for the furthest south yet travelled by a Segway PT. Stewart Island is 47 degrees south of the equator, and is by far the smallest of New Zealand’s three main islands with a permanent population of about 400 people. Owing to an anomaly in the magnetic latitude contours, this location is well placed for observing Aurora australis.

This year we took Segway PTs to Bluff - the very bottom of the South Island
This year we took Segway PTs to Bluff – the very bottom of the South Island – and a long way from everywhere.

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