Cowboys-on-Segways gallop around Mt Smart Stadium at Warriors-Tigers match

Cowboys-on-Segways galloped around Mt Smart Stadium during half time at last Saturday’s Warriors-Tigers NRL Rugby League game.


The cowboys were part of a cast of more than 100 entertainers who sang and danced their way through six minutes of Country & Western-meets-Hip Hop madness in front of tens of thousands of sports fans.

Using “Segway Personal Transporters as horses” was the brainchild of Show Producer/Director Duane Wichman-Evans.

Duane came up with the idea of having the cowboys ‘double’ cowgirls into the arena to perform their dance routine. The initial concept was to use real horses, but greenkeepers at the stadium balked at the idea of equine hooves on their manicured field. Fortunately, the large balloon tyres of the Segway x2 SE models have a light touch on the grass (they are welcomed as a form of transport on golf courses worldwide).

Not only were cowgirls carried on ‘electric horseback’ but also the show’s amazing Whip Crackers. With the tips of his twin whips snipping the air so fast they break the sound barrier, the loud cracks echoed around the area. The sound could easily be heard above the noise of the crowd. We think this might be the first time ever that a whip cracker has rode a Segway PT in a performance.

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