#1 on TripAdvisor for Christchurch Segway Tours!

Christchurch Segway Tours has hit #1 on TripAdvisor.


Prior to reaching the top, New Zealand’s longest-established Segway Tour business attained #2 in December 2014 (and up from #7 in July that year).

Segway New Zealand would like to congratulate “rock star” owner Graeme Gordon for topping the charts!

USA Today, NZ Herald and many other publications have reviewed and rated Christchurch Segway Tours very highly over the year’s, and this latest accolade built with the genuine and positive opinion of actual customers underscores just how good this tour is. If you’re visiting Christchurch, now you know how you’re going to spend some of your time there.

Last year, Christchurch Segway Tours was the first to begin upgrading their fleet to the new Segway i2 SE model.

“Xena, Spiderman, Segway PTs – Oh My!” (for charity)

Yesterday, children and families from Starship Childrens’ Hospital who have been staying at Ronald McDonald House visited a Woodhill equestrian property to ride horses attired in original costumes used in Xena: Warrior Princess (the tv series was filmed nearby), to jump around on a Spiderman Bouncy Castle, and glide about on Segway Personal Transporters.


Other activities included face painting, a private with an eyepatch and a talking green parrot on his shoulder, and free Mr Whippy ice creams.

Segway New Zealand provided the cross-terrain x2 SE models for the children and their parents to enjoy.


Fencing the farm with the help of a Segway PT

Many farm jobs require a lot of different tools and equipment to complete. Trouble is, you don’t always bring everything you need with you. So, a frustrating number of trips back and forth from the job site to the implement shed or the homestead is not an uncommon way for a day to play out.

Even for jobs close to home, these trips eat up valuable time, and time is money. Nothing compares with the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) when it comes to getting from A to B. Not only is the Segway PT quick, it turns on the spot and comfortably crosses a wide variety of terrain. Further, in addition to the rider it can carry a useful amount of tools, parts and equipment.

Here’s a photo of a Segway PT helping out with the construction of an enlarged ‘chicken run’ on a 10 acre lifestyle property north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Fencing PT

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