Fencing the farm with the help of a Segway PT

Many farm jobs require a lot of different tools and equipment to complete. Trouble is, you don’t always bring everything you need with you. So, a frustrating number of trips back and forth from the job site to the implement shed or the homestead is not an uncommon way for a day to play out.

Even for jobs close to home, these trips eat up valuable time, and time is money. Nothing compares with the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) when it comes to getting from A to B. Not only is the Segway PT quick, it turns on the spot and comfortably crosses a wide variety of terrain. Further, in addition to the rider it can carry a useful amount of tools, parts and equipment.

Here’s a photo of a Segway PT helping out with the construction of an enlarged ‘chicken run’ on a 10 acre lifestyle property north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Fencing PT

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