Barbados wins 2015 Woz Challenge Cup for Segway Polo

Barbados has won the 2015 Woz Challenge Cup for Segway Polo in a fierce competition held in Cologne, Germany over the last few days. DSC00107-e1437332197411-650x368

Quartz an excellent article about this year’s match, including a great interview with Woz, and a bit about the history of the game.

The world’s first international Segway Polo match was held in Auckland, New Zealand during February 2006. The local Pole Blacks played the Silicon Valley Aftershocks from USA. Pole Blacks captain Philip Bendall recalls:

“Apple co-founder Steve (Woz) Wozniak donated the cup for our inaugural match, and our teams drew 2-all by the end of five intensely fought chukkas. Segway Polo usually plays to four chukkas, but we were at a draw of 2:2 at that time, so we went another round to try and find a victor. Both teams must have been pretty evenly matched and determined, and it was still 2:2 at the end of the fifth. By then we had to vacate the polo field to let the horses come back on, as were playing in front of a crowd of thousands at the last day of the national horse polo championship.” “With hindsight, I like to think it was a pretty nice way for the pioneers to begin what I like to think of the first new sport of the 21st Century.” “Looking for an outright win the next time, I took my team to San Francisco in 2007 hoping to come home with the cup. We played on the famous Golden Gate Park polo field, where we were beaten by the Aftershocks, who had qualified as the best of three US teams set to challenge us.” “I remember we got a lot of publicity on broadcast TV, sports news channels and in the newspapers. Segway Polo really took off all around the world after that, and by 2011 there were 12 teams competing for the cup. This year there were 19. “There are a lot of very good European teams now, and they also play for their own Zurich cup. The UK entered the competition for the first time this year, and they are likely to be a strong contender going forward considering how good they are at horse polo. But I really take my hat off to Barbados, who’ve won the Woz cup three times now (2009, 2010, 2014).”

Since 2013 the Woz cup is being contested during odd-numbered years, with the next match scheduled for 2017. Back here in Auckland, last week a group of staff from ASB Bank enjoyed a game of Segway Corporate Polo, which is a thrilling ‘team building’ activity offered by Segway New Zealand. ASBSegwayPolo

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