Hallowe’en Zombie Segway Night

Here is a photo from our Segway Distributor friends in Philippines. Do you realise that if you ride a Segway PT you can ‘Trick or Treat’ your neighbourhood at 10 times the speed of garden-variety, lumbering, walking Zombies…..and collect 20 times the candy!


James Bond’s Aston Martin DB9 GT meets Segway PT at Big Boys Toys (tomorrow till Sunday)


See the James Bond Edition Aston Martin DB9 GT at Auckland’s Big Boys Toys opening tomorrow at Auckland Showgrounds.


MC Ray Bishop will be riding the tough-as-guts, big-wheeled, cross-terrain Segway x2 SE throughout the three-day show as he introduces the acts in the extreme action scheduled for the Action Arena.

We debuted the Segway ‘Human Transporter’ (as it was quaintly known back then) at 2003’s Big Boys Toys, and this show has featured the latest Segway products ever since. Come check out the latest “hunting, shooting, fishing, son-of-a-gun” Segway x2 SE that is being used by Kiwi farmers and landowners, sportsmen and outdoorsmen, to get to where they want to go….silently.


Everything is a “Segway” these days, so lets dance!

If it self-balances on two wheels (or even just on one), journalists want to call it a “Segway.”

Even if it isn’t a genuine Segway Personal Transporter (PT), or actually manufactured by Segway, Inc. This being the case, maybe all that there is left to do is dance on ‘hoverboards’ to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 22.35.05.article_x4

Ironically, Bieber is a long-time fan of real Segway PTs.

Perhaps the world has now arrived at the tipping point we predicted in our article from 2011?

In any case, when it comes to videos we prefer this awesome one-take video of Victoria, Justice and Max set to a medley of Justin Timberlake songs.


Genuine Segway PTs have featured in many music videos. For example, Avril Lavigne’s madcap ‘Rock n Roll’ from 2013 has Billy Zane shooting skywards on a rocket-powered Segway PT along with a hybrid Bear-Shark monster, and Avil kissing Dancia McKeller.


Weird Al Yankovic had his biggest hit single a decade ago riding a Segway PT in ‘White and Nerdy.’ Segway New Zealand provided a red Segway PT for use on stage during Al’s last concert tour here (and he signed our fender).


We also provided the fleet of PTs that featured in local Hip Hop artist Ethical’s ‘On My Throne’ music video, shot on Auckland’s North Shore (masquerading as LA).


See us at Waikato Home & Garden Show 1-4 October 2015

We’re exhibiting at one of our favourite shows of the year.

Segway New Zealand has been a feature at Waikato Home & Garden Show for many, many years. What makes this four day extravaganza stand out from the rest is the outstanding quality of the hundreds of exhibitor stands and the friendly people who man them, the tens of thousands of visitors who come to shop (not just look), and the great management team lead by Graham and Rebecca Hannah. If we could exhibit at just one general trade show per year, this would be it.

As during previous years, Segway PTs were once again used non-stop by Home & Garden Show staff throughout the show set-up days as a key tool to maximise productivity.

So come visit us and see the latest Segway i2 SE model, a well-used and still-mud-covered Segway x2 (just like you’ll find on many Waikato farms), along with more Segway Personal Transporters kitted out with various cargo carrying configurations.


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