Segway PTs power Grey Lynn Park Festival success (again)

Hans Heumann has been using a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) to manage Auckland’s famous Grey Lynn Park Festival for many years.

organiser pic hans

In fact, the Segway PT is so useful for Event Management that for the last couple of years Hans has been hiring not one, but two Segway PTs.

He uses one himself during the busy days prior to the event to mark out the location of the stall sites on the park’s fields using spray paint. By using a Segway PT he can spray several times faster than on foot. With his laptop mounted to a custom-built holder on the handlebars, he can keep track of the event’s layout plans and ensure every exhibitor ends up in the right place and with a site that is the correct size.

On ‘show day’ support staff make use of the second Segway PT. This year it was an i2 Patroller model emblazoned with SECURITY on its hi-viz yellow front shields.

Meanwhile, Hans is able to zip around the two large fields filled with hundreds of tents and displays, checking on the stallholders and ensuring the event is running smoothly.

Tens of thousands of Aucklanders look forward to the Grey Lynn Park Festival every year, and this year’s event was another spectacular success (despite a little hot, humid rain from time to time).

Hans says “There is no way I could continue on as Stall Organiser for this festival if I did not have the use of a Segway PT, it is such an amazing machine.”


10,000km milestone for Wellington Segway commuter

Wellington resident Jay Montilla has just clocked up 10,000km of commuter miles on his first Segway Personal Transporter (PT). And he tells us his second Segway PT is fast approaching this milestone as well, with just 1,857 km to go.

Jay has been using a Segway PT to get to and from work almost exclusively for the past six years. His commute has included years of pleasant daily gliding from the suburb of Woodridge into the CBD, which is about a dozen kilometres each way.

Segway PTs were carefully and thoughtfully designed from the ground up to be well-suited to a city like Wellington, where the geography is steep and the streets in older parts of town are often narrow.

His Segway x2 model – affectionately known as ‘FrankenSeg’ – enables him to explore all that the Greater Wellington region has to offer, including bush trails and tracks through beautiful parklands and forests. We featured Jay in our article “Don’t leave home ’til you’ve seen the country’ exactly six years ago today:

Kiwis love the great outdoors. Check out Wellington owner Jay Montilla enjoying a cross-country adventure on a Segway PT. In this beautifully shot video just posted on YouTube see him crossing shallow streams with ease as he and his dog explore along bush trails and enjoy nature together. The zero-emission x2 is so light on the ground it leaves barely a mark as it glides gently and silently along…


Be sure to watch his video, and raise a toast to the next ten thousand.

Jay has just emailed us to say:

A big thank-you to you for all the support and encouragement! Oh, and to the oil companies that keep raising their prices making my Segway PTs the most economical way of getting around! 🙂

Archive photo: Segway on show for 120,000 people at Field Days 2004

Here’s a newspaper photo and story from the Business section of the Waikato Times, June 2004.

Segway New Zealand helped Genesis Energy promote clean, green electricity generation by wind power at Field Days 2004. The zero-emission “Segway Human Transporter” (as it was known back then) was a perfect fit to carry the message around New Zealand’s single largest show. More than 120,000 people attend this show every year, held over four days at Mystery Creek, near Hamilton.

Kate Lindsay Field Days 2004 wp

We’ve had Segway Personal Transporters (as they have been know since 2006) at numerous Field Days since.


For example, in 2007 car company Kia used a fleet of Segway PTs to promote their range of 4WD vehicles to the rural sector.


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