Best Segway t-shirt ever


A long time ago dinosaurs ruled the earth (and pterosaurs ruled the skies).

At their zenith, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex was amongst the most feared dinosaurs of all. All the other dinosaurs lived every day in fear of becoming T. Rex’s next convenient, pre-packaged, fast-food dino-dinner.

So it is not surprising that they made up jokes about Tyrannosaurus Rex, as a psychological coping mechanism. Mostly, they made fun of Tyrannosaurus’ funny little arms that weren’t much use for anything. Here are some examples of their jokes to illustrate just how mean-spirited those other dinosaurs could be.


Often, in one last act of defiance, just as T. Rex gobbled them down, the dying-dinner-dinosaurs would taunt ‘T’ by calling out the teasing punchlines of their jokes…..hoping that in some small way they might leave a metaphorical bad taste in the back of that carnivorous throat. Or even cause T. Rex to question the very meaning of life, the universe and everything, thereby at the very least disturbing T. Rex’s digestion somewhat.

One day, a Tyrannosaurus Rex called Lisa (or ‘Lisasaurus’ as she was known to her friends) taunted back to her prey:

“Just you wait and see. You may laugh at my silly, tiny little arms today, but the time will come when you will see that I am the only dinosaur that is perfectly pre-evolved to ride the Segway Personal Transporter – the transport of the future. And when that day comes I will catch you and gobble you down into my big mouth even faster and more efficiently than ever before!”

It was a bold claim, indeed. And certainly a clever insight too, for it foreshadowed the central idea of Darwin’s theory of evolution by some 65 million years.

And just think, things might even have worked out that way for Lisasaurus and her lot.

But alas, just as Lisasaurus was letting out a self-satisfied, post-dinner belch of baby Brontosaurus, a big fiery rock fell from the sky and changed the course of history forever.


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