Rethink: Segway – it’s a Brand, not a Product

Segway is a brand. It is not a product.

Here is a short video (with a sense of fun) that explains the difference.

Again: Segway is a brand.

There is no product known as “the Segway.” Never has been. Never will be.

Some examples of Segway products are:

  • Segway PTs or Personal Transporters, such as the i2 SE and x2 SE models
  • Ninebot PTRs or Personal Transport Robots, such as the Ninebot E+ model
  • Ninebot by Segway miniPRO – a new product that’s totally awesome, available to buy this month in New Zealand
  • Ninebot EUCs or Electric UniCycle, such as the Ninebot ONE E+ model
  • Segway RMPs or Robotic Mobility Platforms, such as the RMP 120, RPM 220, RMP 440 LE/SE/Flex Omni models
  • Segway APRs or Advanced Personal Robots, as showcased at CES 2016 for release later this year

Always remember, ‘Segway’ is not a generic term for all things self-balancing.

Segway, Inc. does not make, does not sell and does not endorse those “hoverboard” type devices (you know, those ‘balance board’ toys that were all the craze last Christmas, and have a reputation for catching fire in an excellent example of how a product segment can race itself straight to the bottom on build and component quality).

Segway New Zealand cannot repair your broken hoverboard. And no, of course we don’t stock replacement batteries for your hoverboard (in fact, we wouldn’t dream of keeping a pile of those kinds of batteries in our warehouse). But when your hover-toy stops working, you can replace it with a safe, easy-to-ride Segway miniPRO, or a full-sized Segway PT.

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