Segway miniPROs stacked up and ready to go out to Kiwi customers

New Zealand is the first country in the Southern Hemisphere to receive the new Ninebot by Segway miniPRO. This incredible new product is available to buy right now for $2,295 (including GST and overnight delivery). Both black and white colour choices are in stock.

Kiwis can be amongst the first in the world to own a Segway miniPRO, so get yours today.

miniPRO stack

We’ve been field-testing a pair of Segway miniPROs since December 2015, and have taken them just about everywhere you can imagine.

In upcoming articles we’ll show you photos of the miniPRO at the top of Mount Maunganui, at the bottom of the South Island, having a go at the world’s steepest street (Baldwin Street in Dunedin), reaching the top of Auckland’s One Tree Hill (that inspired Bono to write the U2 song of the same name) and Mount Eden volcanos, and going places a bit more rough and tumble than the manufacturer probably intended for it to be ridden. But hey, this is New Zealand and thats just the kind of stuff we do, right?

Every Segway miniPRO is covered by a comprehensive 12 month warranty. Our workshop is already well-stocked with replacement parts, as well as accessories of every colour.




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