‘Drive Electric Week’ – activities happening all around New Zealand

The Better NZ Trust – Leading the Charge is celebrating the first day of International Drive Electric Week with a convoy of Electric Vehicles (EVs) enjoying an excursion from Auckland to Puhoi. And there are more events every day this week around the country (check them out on this list), and throughout the world.

Drive Electric Week finishes with NZ’s largest-ever gathering of EVs at Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) on Sunday 18 September. This event is open to the public and is the best opportunity yet to see every kind of EV vehicle you can buy in New Zealand.

Segway New Zealand will be at MOTAT to support of this great initiative that advances us towards our electric future. Come see our new Segway miniPRO – we like to call it “the EV that fits inside your EV.”

We’re yet to find an EV that can’t carry at least one Segway miniPRO. For example, one of our customers easily pops one of their three Segway miniPROs into the boot of their BMW i8.


So whether you travelled most of your journey in a traditional fuel-filled piston-powered horseless carriage, or a super-quiet super-efficient pure-electric or hybrid vehicle, once you’ve parked up it takes only a moment to lift out your Segway miniPRO and glide quickly and smoothy along that “last mile” – right to where you want to be.


Leading The Charge was an NZI Sustainable Business Awards Finalist for 2016:

Leading The Charge is a community of drivers, enthusiasts, and advocates who are helping to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles in New Zealand by sharing our knowledge and passion through public events and outreach, as well as strategic engagement with other stakeholders. We know that driving on clean, affordable, domestic electricity is more fun, convenient, and practical. That it improves air quality for families across New Zealand. That it supports both our local economy and the global environment. That it is, quite simply, better. Join us on this electrifying mission.

Here’s our earlier article featuring information about Leading The Charge, Chelsea Sexton and the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

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