Buckley Systems in cancer treatment breakthrough, doubles factory floor space (where Bill Buckley uses Segway PT)

NBR reports today that NZ’s Buckley Systems is one of three key players behind a technology breakthrough enabling Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) to be deployed without the need for a nearby nuclear reactor. This will allow treatment centres to be built in many countries around the world.

Bill Buckley (company president) says treatment has a high rate of success for often incurable cancers, because the method is much more accurate so does minimal damage to healthy cells. Boron is injected into the body that attaches to cancer cells, then is bombarded with neutrons. Buckley’s electromagnets contribute to generating enough neutrons to make the method work without a nuclear reactor, something that has not previously been possible.

Buckley Systems is based in Mt Wellington, Auckland, and announced in July 2016 it is doubling factory space to meet demand for its precision electromagnets that go into the machines that manufacture almost all of the world’s silicon chips.

Our story Bill manages Buckley Systems’ multiple factory sites on a Segway x2 is a great example of how this super-smart, progressive local business identified the value of putting key staff onto Segway Personal Transporters – especially around larger worksites. This company is one of New Zealand’s technology success stories (see our stories Top Kiwi entrepreneurs and their Segway PTs and NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2013: three finalists…two own Segway PTs).


Bill Buckley on his Segway x2

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