Waikato Home & Garden Show sets up using Segway PTs

For the millionth year in a row, Segway New Zealand has provided Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) for the organisers of The Waikato Home & Garden Show to use during show set up, and throughout the four ‘Show Days.’

For the first time they’ve also been using the new Segway miniPRO as well, and have found it particularly flexible and useful indoors, and outside on the sealed outdoor areas.

Days of rain have left other outdoor areas wet and muddy, so we fitted the Segway PTs with IRC Snow Tyres. These tyres offer significantly improved traction on wet and muddy surfaces. While not as grippy as the large, low-pressure ATV tyres found on the Segway x2 SE  model, the IRC Snow Tyres do enable the i2 SE to track safely through slippery spots, whilst maintaining a narrow footprint.



We’ve also been exhibiting at this great show since 7th October, and we’ll will be on site until close of show on 9th October 2016 so you can come and try the new Segway miniPRO for yourself. We also have the latest Segway i2 SE, and we’ve the x2 SE out in Camouflage colours as well as Cargo Plates, a lockable and waterproof Cargo Case and an open top Cargo Bin. There’s lots to see at this show, and we’ve got a lot to show you!



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