Big Boys Toys: see Segway miniPRO and Segway x2 SE in the ‘Action Arena’

Big Boys Toys opens tomorrow in Auckland (28-30 October 2016) at Auckland ASB Showgrounds. This is the show where we launched the original ‘Segway Human Transporter’ in New Zealand in 2003, and we’d had a presence at Big Boys Toys every year since.big-boys-toys

Over the next three days you’ll see Ray Bishop (Master of Ceremonies) calling the shots in the outdoor ‘Action Arena’ zone riding the latest Segway x2 SE $13,995 including GST and 24 month warranty). This year, his trusty electric steed is showcased in wicked Camouflage colours. Around him some of the world’s finest extreme athletes will be smoking it up on the tarmac, and launching themselves into mid-air atop BMX bikes and powerful motorbikes.

Just another day at the office

But that’s not all – this year Ray will be swapping between riding the tough-as-nails, cross-terrain Segway x2 SE and gliding effortlessly and silently about on the new Ninebot by Segway miniPRO ($1,995 including GST and 24 month warranty).




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