‘Facilities Integrate’ with Segway

Facilities Integrate featured Segway Personal Transporters and Segway miniPROs as star attractions at this week’s show  (3-4 November 2016 at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland).


Segway New Zealand demonstrated a variety of Personal Transporter (PT) models configured for commercial uses, including open-top cargo bins and waterproof cases. Other options include industry-standard mounts for everything from tablets and smartphones to Go-Pros and infra-red scanners. We also showed off a Segway x2 model that had been modified for hands-free use by SteadiCam operators who film live sports broadcasts and commercial videos.

The new Segway miniPRO was highlighted as a convenient, low-cost way to move staff quickly and safely around and between workplaces. Indeed, show organiser Northport Events has purchased two Segway miniPROs to use during show set-up for exactly this reason. Another ‘use case’ example was the interest expressed by AV and IT professionals who service large campus sites but often need only to carry a single bag of items with them as they move from job to job.

This show was all about Facilities Management and Systems Integration, and included seminars and exhibitors specialising in:

  • Audio systems, video projection and display
  • Security, CCTV and access control
  • HVAC and energy management
  • Automation and control
  • Cleaning, Hygiene and sustainability

Compared with 2015, the show welcomed double the number of visitors and had a 50% increase in exhibitors.

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