NZ Navy’s 75th managed on fleet of Segway PTs

Orange Productions has hired a fleet of 6 Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to help with event management of the NZ Navy’s 75th birthday celebrations this week.


The event begins today, although there will likely be late changes to the program over the next few days because ships, helicopters and personnel have been sent to the upper South Island region to provide relief for Monday’s major earthquake (magnitude 7.5).

Orange Productions specialises in event management, brand experiences and sponsorship activation. Since 2015 Orange has been hiring fleets of Segway PTs on a regular basis to use at large events, such as SeePort – where every year Ports of Auckland is open to the public for 3 days of viewing, interaction and activities.


Shipshape and Bristol fashion: six Segway PTs delivered and ready to work at ‘The Cloud’ (Auckland) as part of NZ Navy’s 75th Anniversary celebrations this week.

  1. #1 by Ann McNamara on November 16, 2016 - 8:02 pm

    Brilliant. Nice to see them out and about.

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