Segway servicing/repair information for Dec 2016-Feb 2017

UPDATED: 14 December 2016

A year ago Segway New Zealand became one of the first Distributorships in the Asia-Pacific region to offer full factory-level servicing of Segway Personal Transporters.

Diagnostics and repairs of a Segway Personal Transporter are conducted using a software package called Remote Service Tool (RST) in conjunction with a hardware device called SegLink. The SegLink can communicate with Segway SE and Gen 2 platforms via both wireless and wired connections. Service sessions require a real-time connection over the internet to Segway HQ. This is a secure system designed to maintain the integrity of Segway’s intellectual property, and ensure the safety of Segway’s products (and therefore the people who ride them).



Due to a temporary technical issue at Segway HQ in USA we’re unable to offer RST-level service sessions in New Zealand for up to the next three days (13-16 December 2016). Our InfoKey Programming Tool will not be able to create new Segway InfoKeys during this outage. Upgrading software and extracting logs on first generation HT/XT/GT platorms using SART is not possible. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, even though the cause is outside of our control (the only previous instance of an outage was due to a major weather event in 2011).

UPDATE: 14 December 2016 – all of our services returned to normal operation last night. Downtime was less than two days.

With only a few business days remaining until Christmas we urge all Segway PT owners who would like to purchase a replacement InfoKey, or who have a PT that requires RST-level repairs, to contact us immediately so we can do our best to meet your needs before the Great Kiwi Summer holiday period begins. Also we will be offering service on many of the days during the Christmas and New Year break, with priority offered to our valued commercial and mobility users .



Due to overseas travel neither RST service nor InfoKey programming will be available at our Auckland workshop between 15-31 January 2017. As always, we have arrangements in place to dispatch essential parts such as Lithium battery packs, wheels and tyres to customers during this period.


Due to trade show exhibition and annual national sales trip commitments no RST service will be available at our Auckland workshop between from 13 until late-February 2017. We will be travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand during this period, and bringing our mobile RST set-up with us. So we’ll we will be able to call in and personally visit customers as far south as Dunedin – please be in touch if you’d like to see us. We will be carrying stocks of accessories and parts so we can inspect, service and perform on-site maintenance/repairs. This is a great opportunity for both individual and fleet owners to have their Segway PTs checked over.


…Free technical assistance is always available by calling 0800 2 SEGWAY. You’ll be able to reach us throughout the summer period 7 days per week, including on most Public Holidays.

We currently have excellent stocks of genuine Segway Accessories, so if you’re looking for a Christmas present this is a great time to order everything you’ve ever wanted!

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