New Website, new Segway ONE S1, and new Segway Robots coming soon

We’ll be launching our brand new website in January 2017, and announcing new Segway products.


On brand our new website you can:

  • Buy Segway Personal Transporters (PTs). We offer the complete Segway i2 SE and Segway x2 range, including golf, commuter and commercial cargo configurations as well as the specialised Segway Patroller models.
  • Buy Segway miniPROs for personal and commercial applications.
  • Buy genuine Segway Accessories & Parts, and a selection of quality accessories we’ve curated from around the world.
  • Contact our authorised Dealers located nationwide.
  • Learn how New Zealanders are deploying Segway PTs and Segway miniPROs for business, personal and mobility uses. View more than 10 years of Case Studies illustrating specific applications where Kiwis have deployed Segway’s self-balancing products to create incredible solutions that really work, solve productivity problems, and are fun to use.
  • Book one of our world-famous Segway Corporate/Group Entertainment & Team Building activities.
  • Hire Segway PTs and Segway miniPROs by the day or week for Event Management, Advertising & Promotions, Security & Public Safety deployments, Film & Television (hire pristine units for in-shot use; hands-free/Steadicam-ready units for camera use; standard or cargo configurations for on-set productivity), and for all kinds of Personal needs (yes – of course you can hire one just for fun; for getting around while visiting New Zealand on holiday; for better mobility during injury or illness; and so much more).
  • Find all of the authorised Segway Tour and Segway Fun Ride sites around New Zealand
  • Access free Technical Support, download User Manuals and watch Safety Videos.


SegwayCES2017 2.jpg

Segway, Inc. is launching new products at the US Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  5-8 January 2017. Just we were one of the first 5 countries in the world selling the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO you’ll be able to buy the upcoming products here in New Zealand from early next year.


The new Ninebot by Segway ONE S1 will be the only electric unicycle for sale in New Zealand that meets UL 2272 electrical safety certification. Riders with a nimble skill set, combined with a fearless mindset, can learn to ride in about an hour, according to Brian Buccella, Vice-president of marketing and product development at Segway. It may take take others longer to become proficient. According to Segway’s website that is previewing the product now:

The One S1 is not for everyone. It’s for unique riders who are bold and love a challenge, who look to try new things, be different and turn heads. ARE YOU ONE?

Later in the year we hope yo be amongst the first in the world to offer the Segway Advanced Robot. Designed for educational, workplace and home use, both Developer and Consumer releases are scheduled for 2017. We encourage schools and universities as well as individuals to contact us now to be first in line to get to ‘play’ with this incredible new platform that’s open and extensible by you.


For educational and commercial enterprises in need of bigger, more powerful robots check out the range of Segway Robotic Mobility Platforms (RMPs) that come in a variety of two-wheeled dynamically balanced versions, as well as three-wheeeled and powerful four-wheeled statically balanced configurations.


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