‘Timmy Failure’ is 11 years old and solves crimes on a Segway PT

Best-selling children’s book ‘Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made’ features a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) with a key role to play throughout. Many times we’ve heard both parents and kids mention this book to us here at Segway New Zealand. So it was quite fortuitous when we discovered Santa had slipped a copy into our Christmas Stocking…


Here’s what the dust jacket has to say:

Take eleven-year-old Timmy Failure – the clueless, comically self-confident CEO of the best detective agency in town, perhaps even the nation. Add his impressively lazy business partner, a very large polar bear named Total. Throw in the Failuremobile – Timmy’s mom’s Segway – and what you have is Total Failure, Inc., a global enterprise destined to make Timmy so rich his mother won’t have to stress out about the bills anymore.

Of course, Timmy’s plan does not include the four-foot-tall female whose name shall not be uttered. And it doesn’t include Rollo Tookus, who is so obsessed with getting into “Stanfurd” that he can t carry out a no-brain spy mission.

We’re enjoying reading this book which, a bit like TV’s The Simpsons, is packed with an additional level of sly, clever humour that only parents will pick up on as the rollocking tale captivates a younger audience.

According to his publisher, author Stephan Pastis as created “….an endearingly bumbling hero in a caper whose peerless hilarity is accompanied by a whodunit twist. With perfectly paced visual humour, Stephan Pastis gets you snorting with laughter, then slyly carries the joke a beat further – or sweetens it with an unexpected poignant moment – making this a comics-inspired story (the first in a new series) that truly stands apart from the pack.”


Check out the Timmy Failure website and find out about all 5 books in the series to date.

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