Ports of Auckland, Tauranga Airshow managed and secured with fleets of Segway Patrollers


Ports of Auckland opened its gates to the public for its annual three day ‘SeePort’ over Auckland Anniversary long weekend in January. This very large, busy event was managed by a team of staff from Orange Productions who moved more intelligently and covered more ground on six Segway i2SE Patrollers.

Orange Productions regularly hires fleets of Segway PTs from Segway New Zealand for event management roles, including the NZ Navy’s 75th Anniversary week and at both previous SeePort events.


Tauranga’s Classic Flyers Airshow was patrolled by five Segway i2SE Patrollers. Staff from Watchdog Security were able to respond faster, cover more ground, and benefit from improved lines of site from the elevated position of riding a Segway Personal Transporter. This Airshow was been secured with the assistance of Segway PTs since 2010.

Watchdog Security’s branch manager Graham Yorke told us:

Your team served [us] well on the day, with a well timed arrival, and an excellent safety briefing during handover [of the fleet].

The Segway Personal Transporters once again proved to be the best mode of transport for our security staff, and we will most certainly reorder for the next scheduled event 20 January 2018


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