Replacing grommets on Segway x2 SE, Segway x2 and Segway XT Fenders

Engineers know that a little bit of give can save a lot of break, and a little bit of flex prevents a lot of snap.

The Segway x2SE model and earlier Segway x2 and Segway XT models are built for rough & tumble fun, and down & dirty work. They’ve all got a clever little bit of give and flex designed in, and in this article we discuss one example of a part that is designed to wear over time and be replaced when needed.


We tend to call them ‘mud guards’ here in New Zealand, while Americans call them ‘fenders.’ These broad plastic fenders deflect mud, sticks and stones when you ride wherever it is you most like to go. Each fender is fastened to a ‘fender frame’ – the name for the strong metal “lifting handle” and also serves as the structure to attach optional cargo frames, waterproof cases, open top bins and golf bag carriers.

Each of the four fasteners passes through a rubber grommet. This grommet absorbs vibration to prevent rattling, and to provide that little bit more give that might otherwise result in a break in the event of fender strike. Often, the first way you’ll notice one or more grommets is wearing is by hearing a rattling sound as the fender vibrates against the metal fender frame – especially when riding over a hard surface at speed. If the grommet degrades completely the fastener will pull right through the hole in the fender, and the fender will feel loose and easily move apart from the fender frame.

x2 Fender Grommet replacement.jpg
All three of these grommets are worn and require replacing.

To inspect the grommets simply follow the instructions in the Reference Manual to remove the wheel. Just remove the three 13mm nuts that hold the wheel on – simple!

Replacing the grommets only takes a few minutes. The only tool needed is a a 4mm Allen key, making this is an easy do-it-yourself job. If you prefer we can do this for you at your place, or you can bring your Segway PT to our Service Centre in Auckland, or visit our authorised Segway Dealers in Wellington (BodyElectric) and Christchurch (Urban Wheels).

All Segway x2SE, Segway x2, and Segway XT models use the same grommets, and we have these in stock now.

  • Set of 8 Grommets (4 per fender): $25+GST (includes postage and instructions)
  • Bag of 50 Grommets: $95+GST (includes postage and instructions)


If the fasteners are corroded these should be replaced at the same time.

  • Set of 8 Fasteners with thread locking compound pre-applied: $25+GST (includes postage and instructions)*
  • Larger numbers of Fasteners: please enquire
  • Stainless Steel Fastener Upgrade Set: $195+GST includes postage and instructions)**

* all Segway x2 SE and x2 models use the same length fasteners, while the Segway XT uses a shorter fastener, so please specify when ordering.

** the selection of fasteners in these sets is specific to each model, so please specify when ordering (i) Segway x2 SE, (ii) Segway x2 SE with Golf kit, (iii) Segway x2, (iv) Segway x2 Golf or (v) Segway XT.

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