Segway Asia-Pacific Conference 2017

APAC Conference 2017.jpg

Philip Bendall attended the annual Segway Asia-Pacific (APAC) Conference held during the last week of March, 2017.

This year the conference was near the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Republic of China). Located at the southern end of this island nation, the region is renowned for fishing and industry, and more recently for tourism. The journey down from capital city Taipei in the north took just 90 minutes….travelling at 300km/h on the High Speed Train.

Segway APAC 2017 2.jpg

The resort hosting the event features Taiwan’s largest ‘Segway Adventure Park’ where visitors can experience Segway Personal Transporters, Ninebot miniPROs and Ninebot ONEs.

While visiting Taiwan Philip also attended the Taipei Cycle Show – the largest bike show in Asia. All manner of bicycles and accessories were on display, spread across multiple floors of two enormous event centres. This year a special zone was devoted to Low Powered Vehicles – a rapidly growing segment that includes eBikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-skates, electric unicycles and self-balancing personal transporters.

APAC Hotel 2017.jpg
Changing the world, two wheels at a time.

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