Big in Japan: Segway Golf

Every year, about 10% of Segway New Zealand’s sales are our Segway Golf model. But as you’ll read in our Case Study below, the Segway Golf model is even more popular in Japan.

Our latest Segway Golf configuration is built on the Segway x2 SE Turf model fitted with the Segway Golf Bag Carrier frame and cradle, plus:
  • the Segway Universal Handlebar Accessory Mount plus smart phone or tablet holder (if you like to keep track of your game using an App), or
  • the Segway Scorecard and Golf Ball Holder (if you prefer to use pencil and paper).

Buy the latest Segway Golf model for $14,495 including GST (24 month warranty).

We also offer the previous ‘Segway x2 Golf’ model, fully reconditioned and fitted with brand new Lithium battery packs for $9,995 including GST (12 month warranty).

Segway x2 SE Golf.jpg
Segway x2 Turf with Golf options – golf bag carrier plus smartphone/tablet holder (to keep a digital track of your game) or a scorecard and ball holder (for pen and paper records).

Kiwi golfers love their Segway Golf units. Keep playing even when you’re unable walk 18 holes. Glide along amongst friends and fellow players (not orphaned in a golf cart). Take your Segway Golf with you from course to course (it loads into your vehicle up and down lightweight folding ramps under its own power, or attaches to a manual or powered carrier mounted on the tow-bar). Only the Segway range of Personal Transporters – including the Segway Golf – are designed with fully redundant sub-systems that ensure rider safety. And nowhere is this feature more important than out on the fairway.

Case Study: Our very first Segway Golf customer (purchased in 2007)

Read the charming story of our first Kiwi Segway Golf customer here. Bryan purchased his Segway x2 Golf model in 2007, and he’s still using it all the time in 2017. Plus, as you’ll see, he’s even made one or two special modifications of his own.

Case Study: Two Golf Courses in Japan have more than 300 Segway Golf units in play

Golf is big in Japan, and so is the Segway Golf model.

In 2012 a course (Shimodale) trialled 6 Segway Golf units. Based on their popularity the course purchased more than 100 additional units during 2013 and 2014.

In 2015 another course (Toride) also purchased more than 100 units.

Since then, both courses have boosted their fleets by more than 50 units each, bringing the total deployed between them to well over 300 units. According to Dai Akimodo (Segway Japan), the popularity of the Segway Golf machines at these courses is so high that every available unit is booked out in advance.

The Segway Golf has also contributed to the popularity of golf in general, and boosted visits and revenue at these two courses in particular. In fact, the numbers are startling. Before their first hire, every golfer completes a familiarisation course, and receives a special ‘Segway License’ to present before future hires. To date, these two courses have issued more than 100,000 licenses between them.

Photo credits: top left and bottom right courtesy Segway Japan; top right and bottom left by Segway New Zealand. The top right photo shows the latest design of Segway Japan’s commercial golf bag cradle).


Case Study: Golf inside the walled city of Intramuros (Manilla, Philippines)

In the heart of the ‘Old Manilla’ district there is a historic “walled city” called Intramuros. Built during the period when the Philippines were a colony of Spain, today Intramuros is a popular tourist attraction and Segway Tours are a great way to see the sights (30 and 60 minute tours are available).

Fort Santiago formed part of the walled defences, and today it is surrounded by an 18 hole golf course known as Club Intramuros. This 18 hole course can be played on Segway Golf models hired on a per-round basis (see here for more information and rates).

Segway x2 Golf Phillipines.jpg
Photo courtesy Segway-Ninebot Philippines

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