Important Safety Notice: Voluntary Recall of Segway Off-Board Charger (optional accessory)

Segway, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC), is voluntarily recalling the Segway Off-Board Charger for Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) and Segway SE-3 Patrollers, to replace the power cord.

Note: No built-in charger from inside any model of Segway PT is being recalled. Owners of Segway PTs in New Zealand can continue to use their machines with confidence.

The Segway Off-Board Charger is an optional accessory that is typically purchased by fleet operators. It enables spare pairs of battery packs to be recharged without attaching them to a Segway PT.

The affected Off-Board Charger products are shown in the left and middle images below. An earlier version of the Segway Off-Board Charger (shown right) is not being recalled.

Segway Off-Board Chargers.jpg
Certain units of Segway Off-Board Chargers shown Left and Middle are being recalled. The earlier model shown Right is not being recalled.

This recall applies to Off-Board Chargers with serial numbers 1244C0000001 to 16214C000644 only. The serial number is located on a silver plate affixed to the bottom of the product.

Example of Off-Board Charger serial number sticker.png
Example of the serial number plate on the bottom of a Segway Off-Board Charger.

Segway New Zealand has sold two Off-Board Chargers for Segway PTs with serial numbers in this range. The respective owners have been contacted directly, and have been or will be sent the appropriate fix (free of charge). The three-wheeled Segway SE-3 Patroller model has not been sold in New Zealand, and no Off-Board Chargers for the SE-3 have been sold here.

Segway New Zealand is not aware of any other Off-Board Chargers in New Zealand. However, if there are any other owners of this product in this country we advised to stop using it, unplug it, and contact us. We will provide the appropriate fix (free of charge). Call us free on 0800 2 SEGWAY anytime.

The Segway Off-Board Chargers are being recalled because of a potential shock hazard. No reports have been received of this having occurred. Specific information about the issue can be found at the US CPSP website here. In New Zealand, the Trading Standards section of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment is aware of this recall.

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