Make your ‘last mile’ more fun for just $1,595 (or even less)

Whether it is the ‘last mile’ between where you park your car and where you work, or the distance between your front door and the bus stop (or train station), make it more fun on a Segway miniPRO. And a lot quicker, too.

Downtown miniPROs.png

At around 12kg, a detachable Knee-Steer and a telescopic handle the miniPRO is quick and easy to take with you – even when you’re not riding it. Pop it behind the front seat. Drop a couple into the boot – even if your car is a Boxster. Or stow it under the hood if you have a Tesla (yup, that’s why we call the Segway miniPRO “the EV you can put inside an EV”).


The Segway miniPRO is available today in Black ($1,595) and in White ($1,595), with special pricing when you buy two ($3,095) or three ($4,495) at the same time.




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