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Our website is temporarily down

Segway New Zealand’s website is currently down, and is likely to be unable for several days.

In the meantime, you can order Segway products by calling 0800 2 SEGWAY or emailing us at

  • Segway miniPRO: $1,595
  • Segway i2 SE: $12,995
  • Segway i2 SE Patroller: $13,995
  • Segway x2 SE: $13,995
  • Segway x2 SE Turf: $13,995
  • Segway x2 SE Golf: $14,495
  • Segway x2 SE Patroller: $14,995
  • Accessories include Front Bags, side Cargo Cases and Bins, lightweight folding Ramps, the Universal Accessory Mount for the Handlebar (for holding a phone, tablet. clipboard, etc), and more.

All prices include GST. Every Segway Personal Transporter (PT) includes a comprehensive 12 month warranty. Segway New Zealand provides complete, factory-level servicing at our Auckland office.

Our ‘Segway Challenge’ team building/group entertainment/’break out’ session activities are a great way to entertain, and can be tailored to any 30 to 90 minutes period. We bring our Segway PTs to your venue, and can operate indoors or out. Segway miniPRO Polo is our newest creation, and offers thrills and fun for all ages.

Segway PTs are available to hire for Brand Experience/Promotions, for film and television use (including props, on-set, and Steadicam-ready), and for productivity, security and public safety roles at large events.


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NZ gets first KickScooter in Southern Hemisphere

KickScooter Fountain

Yesterday afternoon we received and rolled out the very first Segway KickScooter in the Southern Hemisphere (we were also first to debut the Segway miniPRO last year).

Take a first full look at the ES2 model we’ve just unfolded…

KickScooter next to Territory

Ninebot by Segway ES2 model KickScooter, with kickstand deployed.

Now check out some our favourite features...

Dashboard Wheels

Digital Dashboard flanked by the Electronic Brake paddle (left) and Accelerator paddle (right); Front-driven wheel with suspension, and the one-push lever to fold the scooter in half; Rear wheel has a mechanical foot brake, flanked by dual red LED lights on each side (and a red reflector on the back, too); Rider platform surface is coated with an anti-slip material.

Smooth, clean lines dominate the industrial design.

There are no external cables or wires to get snagged. The main battery is hidden inside the column. An optional extra pack can be attached to this tube to provide almost double the range (should you want to travel some mad miles between recharges).

KickScooter Overall

And that was all the time we had to snap photos before the sun went down. But there is always another day tomorrow!


Handlebar with a bright front headlight built into the column.

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Super-smart new KickScooter by Segway

Today Segway New Zealand announces a brand new, super-smart, high-tech KickScooter. Whether you like your wheels side-by-side or front ‘n’ back Segway has got the ride for you.

KickScooter ES2 girl.jpg

As you’d expect from Segway, great care has been taken over the smallest details so your comfort and safety can be guaranteed.

  • Simply push-off and enjoy effortless travelling
  • Convenient electronic cruise control
  • Front and rear shock absorbers for a comfortable ride
  • Anti-lock electrical brake with eco-friendly energy recovery (regenerative braking), plus a mechanical rear brake combine for safe braking distance
  • Just 12.5kg (lightweight aircraft grade aluminium alloy construction)
  • One-push folding system so you can fold it in half in no time at all, and carry it wherever you want to go
  • Built-in white Front light, red Rear light, and customisable undercarriage ‘atmosphere’ lighting
  • Sport, Standard and Speed-limited (Beginner) power modes
  • LCD digital dashboard display (speed, battery level, power mode, Bluetooth)
  • Phone App for device information and extra features (including anti-theft lock)
  • Beautifully sleek and clean design (no untidy external cables to snag)
  • Batteries are hidden inside the handlebar and provide ~25km range*
  • Attach an optional Extra Battery Pack to extend range to ~40km*

* these are typical real-work ranges, obtained from data collected with 75kg rider,  travelling at an average of 60% full speed, on pavement, on a 25 degree day.


Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES2 model: (i) sleek design packed with built-in features, (ii) clever one-push fold & carry, (iii) add an optional extra battery pack to increase range.

Come see the Ninebot by Segway ES2 Kickscooter from today in Auckland

Our first sample of the Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES2 model has arrived at our Auckland office, so come take a look – and put it through its paces.

We’ll be formally launching the KickScooter ES2 for sale in New Zealand soon, but you can place your pre-order today by calling 0800 2 SEGWAY.

You can find more information and product specifications about the Segway KickScooter ES1 and ES2 models on this page of the Segway EU website.

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A new Segway product this way rolls…

KickScooter Collage.jpg

Tomorrow we roll out a brand new product.

So you can travel fast and smart. And more conveniently, too.

Perfect for people with a ‘last mile’ to cover on their daily mixed-mode commute. It’s pretty good just for fun, too.

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Worn, slippery handlebar grips need to be replaced (and foot mats, too)


Lots of riding = lots of fun when it comes to enjoying your Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

Lots of riding will also lead to the rubber Handlebar Grips eventually wearing out, so these will need to be replaced. Recently we wrote about replacing worn tyres – see our article Get a better grip! that is illustrated with photos of tyres worn below safe remaining tread.

There are three types of handlebar grip wear:

(1) the rubber is worn until it is mostly smooth, with little in the way of tread pattern remaining to offer grip for palms and fingers.

(2) the rubber grip slips and rotates around the steel handlebar (it should be tight, and not move at all).

(3) the rubber has become sticky and icky to the touch.

If you can’t grip securely, or the grip rotates, then you’ll have difficulty keeping safe control of the Segway PT during sharp turns and when braking – especially in urgent situations when every split-second of reaction time and accurate control are essential. Worn or slipping grips are dangerous, and should be replaced without delay.


Replacement Handlebar Grips are in stock now for $40+GST per pair, plus shipping. Simply slide off the worn grips and plus on the new replacements. Actually, there’s a little trick to make it super-easy to get the new pair on nice and tight….just ask us.


If the steel pipe of your Handlebar is bent, then you can purchase a replacement Handlebar with Grips for $80+GST, plus shipping. A bent handlebar is very difficult to straighten, because the metal pipe usually just breaks as you bend it back into shape. And even if you succeed, it is always going to be weakened….and no one wants to be in control of a vehicle with a dodgy steering system, right?


Your Segway PT’s foot Mats should be replaced eventually, too. There are two signs of wear:

(1) The most common is the rubber surface becomes hardened and slippery, no longer providing a grippy surface for your feet or footwear. A lack of grip makes riding unsafe, especially over rough surfaces or at high speed.

(2) Another sign of wear is the mats no longer stay firmly in place, because the front/rear lips have thinned or split/torn preventing a firm hold between the front/rear trim and chassis. Whatever the reason, if your mats no longer press in firmly and stay in place, or are easily kicked our or dislodged during mounting/dismounting then replace them immediately.

Replacement Rubber Mats mats are $125+GST per pair, plus shipping.


How about pimping your ride with Aluminium Mats, $155+GST per pair, plus shipping. Not quite as compliant to ride on as the standard rubber mats, they sure look cool!


For the best ride possible upgrade to Comfort Mats, at $195+GST per pair. This thick, closed cell rubber mat fits all Segway i2 SE, x2 SE, i2 and x2 models. They are also included with every Segway Patroller model as a standard feature. These mats absorb shock from both tiny vibrations as well as larger bumps for a noticeably improved riding experience. If you spend hours riding, feel pain with movement, or want the benefits of increased sight lines (i.e. an additional 25m of rider height), then Comfort Mats are the best choice.

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