Segway miniLITE ($995) almost here – order today

The first shipment of the brand new Segway miniLITE ($995) is about to land in New Zealand. Pre-order now to be the first in the Southern Hemisphere to own a Segway miniLITE – specially designed for kids aged 6 to 16+


Built to legendary Segway standards for durability and safety, the miniLITE is super-easy to ride and control (unlike those silly hoverboard things that were blowing up a couple of years ago). That is because the miniLITE uses a knee-bar for steering that works the same way as the LeanSteer handlebar found on full-size Segway Personal Transporters. And because LeanSteer/KneeBar is Segway’s patented steering system, you won’t find any other product with this unique feature for sale in New Zealand.

miniLITE Consumer Brochure.jpg

A Segway miniLITE might be the best Christmas present for your family this season. Buy a pair for $1,995 and receive a free bonus of two Segway Safe Rider packs (find out what’s in our packs here).

miniLITE kids collage.jpg


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