Pirates & people, aeroplanes & boats all ‘herded’ by Segway PTs (for safer, better Event Management)

SeePort 2018 is a three day extravaganza (27-29 January) where Ports of Auckland is opens to the public. Every year tens of thousands of visitors enjoy a wide range of entertainment (including Pirates!) and have an opportunity to learn about New Zealand’s largest port (by export & import value).

Segway PTs at Airshow and SeePort 2018.png

Eight Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) have been delayed by staff from event management company Orange Productions (up from five PTs last year). Five Segway PTs have been configured as ‘Patroller’ models, specially designed for Public Safety roles. Their front-facing shields have been emblazoned with SeePort branding for the event. One of the roles of the staff of these brightly coloured Patrollers is attract the public into the venue from the streets of downtown Auckland, and another is to offer helpful information to those already inside. Staff on Segway PTs benefit from improved sight lines (riders are raised 20cm higher than the crowd), and tripled efficiency in terms of time and motion. Cargo storage in a large bag behind the shields can carry brochures, maps, sunscreen and water bottles.

A further three Segway PTs have been configured for general use to help other management aspects of the largest single event being run over this three day Auckland Anniversary holiday weekend.

Last weekend Watchdog Security deployed five Segway PTs at Tauranga’s ‘Classic Flyers Airshow.’  This popular event attracts 10,000 people and a wide range of aeroplanes from the last 100 years.

Security guards used a pair of Segway PTs configured for off-road use to patrol the far perimeters to ensure the public could not wander towards restricted areas at nearby Tauranga Airport.

Another pair of Segway Patroller models were used to regularly ferry cash takings from vendors at entrances to a secure central storage location. Another Segway PT was used by the security managers to move quickly and efficiently around this very large venue.

All Segway PTs were hired from Segway New Zealand. To hire Segway PTs for your event call 0800 2 SEGWAY to get the benefits of improved productivity for key staff and for better Public Safety service provision.


Segway rolls into 2018 with a brand update, will reveal new products at CES


26172684_10155170083183202_7788113037677470827_o.jpgSegway-Ninebot have announced a new logo and brand upgrade at the beginning of 2018. The new logo is featured in the image above.

The new logo of Segway-Ninebot combines the classic “flying guy” which symbolizes innovation and leaps with a circle which symbolizes the earth, showing the unity of the company’s strategic goal and direction of globalization. The new brand image better highlights the company’s feature of being technologically innovative, fashionable, and cool.

According to this press release Segway-Ninebot’s products and services will now be grouped as follows.

  • Segway is a product brand belonging to the PT business line, and all PT products adopting self-balancing technology will use the brand Segway.
  • Ninebot is a product brand belonging to the PT business line, and all PT products adopting non-self-balancing technology all use the brand of Ninebot.
  • Segway Robotics is a product brand for intelligent service robotics.
  • Segway Discovery is a service brand providing global travelers with convenient and caring leasing of short-distance transportation tools.

Segway-Ninebot will reveal new products at CES 2018 (Las Vegas 9-12 January 2018) including new Segway Loomo robots who will meet media and attendees, and the world’s first auto-following, self-balancing, carry-on suitcase (The Verge has a brief video of it in operation here).

Segway-Ninebot will launch the new members of the Segway Loomo robotics family targeted at consumers. During the exhibition, the Segway Loomo series of robotics will conduct an on-site demonstration and man-machine interactive experience with the audiences.


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