KickScooter riders MUST do this (for safety)

Every rider of Ninebot by Segway KickScooters MUST watch the Riding Safety tutorial in the Segway App (iOS/Android) before riding.

The first frame contains two very important instructions:

  • read the QUICK START Guide
  • read the User Manual
ES warning 0.jpg
VERY IMPORTANT: Watch the Riding Safety video and read the QUICK START and User Manual

It is really important that you understand the manufacturer’s instructions for riding and using this product. If you fail to do so then you increase your risk of death or serious injury.

After reading and watching these combined user materials, if you are not satisfied with the KickScooter’s design specifications, limitations and conditions of use please do not use the product. Repack all items into the carton and immediately return the product to the seller because this is not the right device for you. You can also contact Segway New Zealand Limited directly, and we will assist owners of products originally imported by our company (call 0800 2 Segway or email, and all users of Segway products with general information.

The entire contents of the user materials are important. The following short list of several particular reminders are NOT a substitute for reading and understanding the complete user materials.

Keep firmware up-to-date

The Segway App makes it quick and easy to keep your KickScooter’s firmware up-to-date. Simply connect your KickScooter to the App, check the menus and follow the prompts. Most updates take less than 1 minute to install.

Use BOTH Brakes

The ES-series KickScooters have two braking systems: an Electronic Brake that relies on the electric motor and electrical systems of the device, and a mechanical Foot Brake that relies on the rider applying force to retard the rear wheel through friction.

Always remember that the maximum braking force is finite (not infinite). The KickScooter’s braking capability is reduced in wet or slippery conditions.

As with any vehicle, the ability to brake is proportional to the amount of rubber touching the roadway. KickScooters have two relatively small, narrow tyres and therefore have limited braking ability compared with some other common vehicles.

The mechanical brake is limited by the strength of the downwards force that the rider can exert with their foot to generate friction between the brake “pad” and the rubber wheel. The Electronic Brake is limited to the specifications of the circuit design, temperature, and power of the electric motor.

The QUICK START includes instructions for correct use of the brakes, and specific Safety Warnings about braking and maintaining a moderate speed.

ES warning 1.png
QUICK START: How to operate the brakes and the importance of maintaining a moderate speed

The User Manual explains the importance of always using both Electronic Brake and Foot Brake together for emergency stopping, otherwise you risk falls and/or collisions from not achieving the maximum braking capability.

ES warning 3.png
User Manual: use both brakes for emergency stopping

The User Manual repeats the instructions for slowing down and the proper use of the braking system.

When the Throttle is released the device will immediately begin to slow down using regenerative “engine braking.” The strength of this decelerating force can be adjusted in the App. The user can choose between Weak, Medium and Strong settings. We recommend selecting the Weak or Medium setting.

To apply braking force use the Electronic Brake lever and mechanical Foot Brake in accordance with the instructions shown in the User Manual:

ES warning 6.jpg
User Manual: how to use the brakes correctly, and a warning about rapid braking

Riding over bumps

Riding over speed bumps, potholes or thresholds at high speed is very dangerous and could lead to serious injury. Do not strike or ride off the edge of curbs. Remember, the wheels on your KickScooter are relatively small. The front wheel is 20cm diameter, and the KickScooter is specified to climb 1cm obstacles and cross 3cm gaps. Exceeding these limits can damage your KickScooter, cause loss of control, and lead to serious injury or death.

ES warning 7.jpg
User Manual: riding over bumps and riding downhill could lead to serious injury

Riding down hills

As with any vehicle, the faster you are moving the further and longer it takes to stop. You must use both brakes together when travelling at high speed, and on slopes.

Watch your speed when travelling downhill, otherwise you may rapidly find yourself riding at an unsafe speed. Depending on your weight, and the condition of the surface (e.g. slippery or wet), you may encounter slopes that are too steep to ride down safely. You must dismount, and walk with or carry your KickScooter. Segway-Ninebot makes amazing products, but cannot defy the laws of physics!

Overloading, rider weight (including payload), rider age and modifications

Under no circumstances should you overload your KickScooter.

Never carry a second person (no doubling). Never exceed the maximum rider weight of 100kg (includes clothing, backpack, cargo, etc).

Do not deliberately skid the front wheel (eg: to leave skid marks), or prevent the front wheel from turning, or otherwise overload the electro-mechanical system because this will result in damage to the electronics, reducing the life and safety capabilities of the device.

When riding uphill take care not to lift the front wheel when ‘kicking’ for extra propulsion because this may cause a tiny skid with each kick. Such skidding will rapidly wear rubber off the front tyre.

The manufacturer specifies a minimum rider age of 14 years, and recommends that riders under 18 operate KickScooters under adult supervision only.

Attach only genuine Segway-Ninebot accessories to your KickScooter. Under no circumstances should you install modified or custom firmware on your device. Doing so voids the warranty, will make the device unsafe to use, and can cause irreparable damage.

Rider rules

New Zealand’s transport laws and rider rules must be followed, and supersede certain information provided in the user materials.



  • There are 8 frames to scroll through in the Riding Safety tutorial.
  • The QUICK START Guide has 3 pages in English, plus cover (v1.2)
  • The User Manual has 22 pages in English, plus covers (v1.2)



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