Segway Helmets for kids and adults

Wearing a helmet offers protection for your head while riding your Segway device, and is one of the important instructions found in the user materials that are part of your purchase.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooters have become very popular over the last 12 months, and Segway New Zealand encourages riders to always wear a suitable helmet. We suggest and approved ‘multisport’ helmet rather than a bike helmet because this provides better protection for the back of the head in the event of a fall.

We’ve been offering our gorgeous new Kids and Adult Segway-brand Helmets for sale in New Zealand since 2018.

Segway helmets.jpg
2018 Segway helmets for kids and adults

They’ve also been offered bundled with our rideable devices.

Our previous Ninebot-Segway helmet has been offered since 2016, also available as a 7 piece rider protection kit (includes knee, elbow and palm pads).

Segway-Ninebot 2016 Helmet bundled with knee, elbow and palm pads


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