Active scam alert: ‘Segway – NZ’ on Facebook claiming you’ve won a free KickScooter ES2

Active scam on 21 August 2019: During the last 2 hours we’ve received 4 phone calls and 1 email from Kiwis who are suspicious that a promotion appearing on Facebook claiming they’ve won a free Segway KickScooter is a scam.

They’re right – this is a scam!

Segway New Zealand is not running any Facebook promotions or ‘free KickScooter’ giveaways at the present time. This scam was launched yesterday morning, and continues to run at time of publishing. This same scam is likely being run right now in other countries as well. It has probably been run at least once before.

The scam uses a Facebook page called ‘Segway – NZ’ (obviously this fake page has nothing to do with the real Segway New Zealand). If you must check it out, here it is:


The scam claims you’ve won 1 of 5 free KickScooter ES2s – but you must act within 24 hours otherwise your prize will be offered to someone else. All you need to do is provide your credit card details to debit NZ$3 for the cost of having your prize delivered….


Note the poor English used in this scam: “3nz$” and “Continuer >>”

UPDATE on 26 August 2019: Today we received a call from a distressed individual who was tricked by this scam, and this person told us that instead of debiting just $3 from their credit card an amount of $100 was debited.





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