PowerSports vehicles coming from Segway…

Segway is poised to reveal a brand new line of 2- and 4- wheeled PowerSports vehicles.


Teasers reveal a Segway Dirt eBike along with hybrid ATV and UTV models that promise to be ideal for New Zealand recreational and farming environments.

SegwayDirt eBike

Segway’s new Hybrid Powertrain is set to change the 4-wheel landscape, combining eco-friendly output with unleashed power. If you watch the teaser video (link below) you might just catch glimpses of these images flashing by…



Segway PowerSports is unveiling on Nov 5th at Milan Auto Show. You can learn (a little bit) more at powersports.segway.com

Off Road magazine scoops some more hints at possible model names and other details.

Segway has been building off-road and recreational versions of its products since 2005. First up was the XT model of the self-balancing two-wheeled Segway Personal Transporter (PT), taking trailblazing riders across mud, sand and snow. The GT model was the first Golf Transporter. The prototype-only Centaur crossed a quad-bike with a PT, able to transform from riding on 4 wheels to 2 wheels, to fit through gaps and climb over objects.

Segway’s next generation of ‘LeanSteer’ PTs evolved through to the latest x2 SE model with ATV, Turf and Golf variants. Meanwhile, the Ninebot by Segway ONE Z10 electric unicycle is a unique way to explore the great outdoors.

x2SE and ONE Z10.jpg
The Segway x2SE climbs every mountain, and the Ninebot by Segway Z10 electric unicycle fits through any gap on a trail


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