Auckland’s Santa Parade & Grey Lynn Park Festival events managed on Segway PTs

This weekend two major events were managed by staff on nine Segway Personal Transporters (PTs).

Auckland Santa Parade organiser Crackerjack Promotions hired six Segway PTs as hundreds of thousands of people lined Queen Street to see the flotilla of festive floats and performers. According to NZ Herald this is the 86th year the parade has operated, but will be the final year that the famous red ‘Farmers’ Giant Santa will be partaking. Alas, not even a sprinkle of Christmas magic can save the ageing 60 year old, five story high ‘Santa’ from increasing restoration challenges and storage costs…and it is said he is unlikely to be seen in public again.


On Saturday three Segway PTs were integral to the set-up and running of the Grey Lynn Park Festival that attracted tens of thousands to this outdoor extravaganza. One Segway PT was augmented with an S-Pro and S-Plus (mini Segway PTs), to help staff lay out the field beginning on Tuesday afternoon, and manage the event itself on show day.

Segway PTs hired from Segway New Zealand have been used for event management throughout the country on hundreds of occasions since 2003.

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