Big changes to Auckland’s ridesharing e-scooter operators (Lime & Wave are out, Flamingo & three new operators are in)

Auckland Council has announced the successful applicants permitted to operate ridesharing e-scooters in the Auckland region. Additionally, the ridesharing fleet is to be doubled from 1,875 to 3,200 e-scooters across 3 tiers (Inner city, Outer city, and Remainder of the region) so more Aucklanders can enjoy the benefits and popularity of micro-mobility.

US ridesharing giant Lime – the first operator to launch in Auckland one year ago – has missed out on this next 6 month round of permit allocations, as has Australia-based operator Wave.

Existing operator Flamingo has had its Auckland license extended (they also operate a fleet in Wellington), and three new operators are expected to launch fleets during December: Jump by Uber (already operating in Wellington), Beam (a Singapore company that currently operates a fleet in Christchurch), and newcomer Neuron (who claims to be the largest operator in South East Asia).

RNZ offers excellent coverage about this story here, and the NZ Herald website offers a video of Auckland Council’s announcement here.

Private individuals who own e-scooters – such as our popular Ninebot by Segway ES2 – are unaffected by today’s announcements, and may continue to operate their devices on footpaths and roads in accordance with the rider rules proscribed under New Zealand law.


As reported by NZ Herald here, Auckland Council have outlined the areas where ride-sharing scooters will be speed-limited to 15 km/h. Riders of privately owned e-scooters are not affected by these limits, but the law requires individuals to always ride at a speed that is not hazardous to others.


The listed areas include: Takapuna, Devonport, Ponsonby Rd, Jervois Rd (College Hill to Curran St), Karangahape Rd, CBD including Queen St, Fanshawe St, waterfront area and Westhaven Marina, Auckland City Hospital precinct, Parnell (including the Blind and Low Vision NZ precinct), Newmarket, Mission Bay, Kohimarama, St Heliers, New Lynn, Onehunga and certain “other areas across the city.”

Activating your KickScooter ES2 in New Zealand (DO NOT scan the QR code, DO download the App directly from the Google/Apple store)

If you’ve just received your brand new Ninebot by Segway ES1, ES2 or ES4 here’s how to Activate it for the first time. A smartphone is required (Apple iOS or Google Android) to Activate your KickScooter (otherwise it will just ‘beep’ and remain in a very reduced performance mode).

Segway App ES-series.jpg
This information panel is found on the end of the carton

Activation instructions are found on the end of the carton (see image above), and in the User Manual.

DO download the Segway App from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).

DO NOT scan the QR code to download the App, otherwise you will receive a version of the App that is geo-locked to the China/Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan region. This version is limited to registering the product by a phone number, but you can only select Country Codes for those countries (e.g. +86). With the QR version of the App you cannot select New Zealand (+64) as your region, and you will not be able to proceed and Activate your KickScooter. If you have already used the QR code to download the App, simply delete it from your phone and obtain it for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. These versions enable you to easily Activate your KickScooter using an email address.

App versions.jpg
LEFT: the QR code version cannot be used to Activate your KickScooter in New Zealand (via your phone number).  RIGHT: use the App Store version in New Zealand to Activate your KickScooter (via your email address).



Auckland’s Santa Parade & Grey Lynn Park Festival events managed on Segway PTs

This weekend two major events were managed by staff on nine Segway Personal Transporters (PTs).

Auckland Santa Parade organiser Crackerjack Promotions hired six Segway PTs as hundreds of thousands of people lined Queen Street to see the flotilla of festive floats and performers. According to NZ Herald this is the 86th year the parade has operated, but will be the final year that the famous red ‘Farmers’ Giant Santa will be partaking. Alas, not even a sprinkle of Christmas magic can save the ageing 60 year old, five story high ‘Santa’ from increasing restoration challenges and storage costs…and it is said he is unlikely to be seen in public again.


On Saturday three Segway PTs were integral to the set-up and running of the Grey Lynn Park Festival that attracted tens of thousands to this outdoor extravaganza. One Segway PT was augmented with an S-Pro and S-Plus (mini Segway PTs), to help staff lay out the field beginning on Tuesday afternoon, and manage the event itself on show day.

Segway PTs hired from Segway New Zealand have been used for event management throughout the country on hundreds of occasions since 2003.

Best Sales Innovation award 2019 goes to Segway New Zealand

Segway New Zealand has been awarded Best Sales Innovation award at the 2019 Segway APAC Distributors Conference held this week in Thailand.

APAC Award 2019.jpg

We have engaged numerous innovative approaches to promoting the Segway-Ninebot brand and product line during this past year.

Segway New Zealand has received numerous awards over the last decade, including Best Performance (2009)Sales Excellence (2017), and Best Sales Innovation Partner (2018).

APAC Banner 2019.jpg

In fact, we’ve been doing world-first’s and regional-first’s right since launching our business in 2003 when we imported the first ‘Segway Human Transporters’ to the Southern Hemisphere. For example, here is our very first promotional flyer, where we partnered with NZ’s #1 energy drink ‘V’ in 2003-4. Beginning that summer we collaborated with V for several years across a wide range of V-sponsored outdoor events all around New Zealand. These included outdoor rock concerts, dance parties and family-centric film screenings on giant inflatable outdoor screens in parks at dusk.

Our flyer from Summer 2003-4 in conjunction with NZ’s #1 Energy Drink ‘V’

It was a time when two major brands were vying for energy drink market dominance. V was said to rule the consumption of energy drinks by day (offering an afternoon pick-me-up to “vitalise” drinkers), while Red Bull ruled the night with an air of dance music inspired sophistication (think ‘Red Bull and Vodka’). In other countries Red Bull also had a strong daytime and sports association, but struggled to replicate that in New Zealand (despite distinctively branded Mini vehicles and promo staff having high visibility at outdoor events). V was developed by local company Frucor and their well-funded marketing department was populated with particularly innovative individuals excited to be driving sales of a product that was in a high-growth phase.

What was interesting was how these two brands arose rapidly –  seemingly from nowhere – to dominate an entirely new market category (energy drinks). Their success saw competitors both big and small flock to the segment. Industry giant Coca-Cola threw a lot of money at establishing their own energy drink called ‘Burn’ but it failed to ignite in the New Zealand scene. Several years later Coca-Cola launched ‘Mother’ and carved out a space with branding that had a “Westie” vibe, while pushing “Lift” in a more gentle way. Meanwhile smaller competitors Black Dog (#2 in Europe), Angel and others tried hard to grab a slice of the market but achieved no lasting success. At one point there were even caffeine infused lollipops for sale at nightclubs and dance parties.

When Lara Croft’s sister came in Camo – with all guns blazing – to play on the Segway x2 SE… + Big Boys Toys 2019

Not many people know that Lara Croft has a sister.


Dressed in camouflage, she came out to visit Segway New Zealand with all guns blazing to ride the Special Camouflage Edition Segway x2 SE.


She didn’t find any tombs to raid…but she sure had fun!

You can see our Limited Edition Segway x2 SE Camouflage at Big Boys Toys from 1 to 3 November 2019. The ever-popular Raymond Bishop is Master of Ceremonies for the Action Arena, and he will be riding this special Segway Personal Transporter during every spectacular show throughout this three day event.

And who knows, you might even see Lara Croft…or her sister?


PowerSports vehicles coming from Segway…

Segway is poised to reveal a brand new line of 2- and 4- wheeled PowerSports vehicles.


Teasers reveal a Segway Dirt eBike along with hybrid ATV and UTV models that promise to be ideal for New Zealand recreational and farming environments.

SegwayDirt eBike

Segway’s new Hybrid Powertrain is set to change the 4-wheel landscape, combining eco-friendly output with unleashed power. If you watch the teaser video (link below) you might just catch glimpses of these images flashing by…



Segway PowerSports is unveiling on Nov 5th at Milan Auto Show. You can learn (a little bit) more at

Off Road magazine scoops some more hints at possible model names and other details.

Segway has been building off-road and recreational versions of its products since 2005. First up was the XT model of the self-balancing two-wheeled Segway Personal Transporter (PT), taking trailblazing riders across mud, sand and snow. The GT model was the first Golf Transporter. The prototype-only Centaur crossed a quad-bike with a PT, able to transform from riding on 4 wheels to 2 wheels, to fit through gaps and climb over objects.

Segway’s next generation of ‘LeanSteer’ PTs evolved through to the latest x2 SE model with ATV, Turf and Golf variants. Meanwhile, the Ninebot by Segway ONE Z10 electric unicycle is a unique way to explore the great outdoors.

x2SE and ONE Z10.jpg
The Segway x2SE climbs every mountain, and the Ninebot by Segway Z10 electric unicycle fits through any gap on a trail


Kiwi e-Scooter injury rate continues to fall; First fatality in NZ; Safe riding tips

Latest figures show the rate of injuries resulting from accidents while riding e-Scooters in New Zealand continues to plummet, even as private ownership soars and Sharing Scooters expand across cities around the country.

We first reported on this falling trend in our article e-Scooter accidents fall 41% in 4 months on 26 June, and now they’re down to just one-third of their peak. This downward trend is likely to continue on a per-owner, per-ride, and per-kilometre travelled basis going forward, as riders become more experiences, infrastructure improves, and more rider choose to wear appropriate clothing and helmets. As private ownership and sharing scooter use increases this summer the absolute numbers may increase over winter lows.

Alas, despite these interesting and revealing facts some media reporting on this topic still tends to still go for the sensational headline instead….sigh.

ACC e-scooter claims to July 2019.jpg

First fatality

Tragically, the first fatality in New Zealand caused by a fall from an e-scooter occurred in Auckland this week. A man died in hospital several days after being seriously injured while riding a Lime sharing scooter along the Auckland waterfront. According to reports, the e-scooter has been inspected and no physical or software faults have been found, and this information has been passed to the Coroner.

According to the NZ Herald, Auckland Council’s director of regulatory services, Craig Hobbs says:

“At this stage, Auckland Council has not been given any information which may suggest a mechanical failure of the e-scooter involved in this tragic incident.

“All details relating to the cause of this incident are now with the Coroner and, as such, we are unable to provide any further information at this stage. We can however confirm that we have received no other reports of mechanical issues with e-scooters either prior to or after this incident.”

Hobbs said the council was currently in the final six weeks of phase two of its e-scooter trial, and would soon be evaluating what had been learned during the trial.

“Safety has always been paramount to us, and balancing this with significant demand for micro-mobility options is something that many cities around NZ and the world are grappling with.”

According to findings reported in the New Zealand Medical Journal “working males over 50, and people between 20-29 were the most likely to crash on an e-scooter.” Anecdotal observation would suggest usage is highest amongst 20-29 year olds.

The NZ Herald interviewed study co-author Paul Monk why claimed: “There is an uncanny ability with human beings to find new ways to injuring ourselves. We see this new technology spike classically if you look at the introduction of Segway, kite-surfing, e-bikes.”

Segway New Zealand does not agree with Monk’s claim with respect to there being a high incidence of injury when the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) was introduced. Rather, the Segway PT has proven to be an incredibly safe and stable platform – including for mobility impaired users who make up the largest single user group in New Zealand – and it has an exceptional safety record. The Segway PT itself has full redundant sub-systems, and is intuitive and easy to control. Unlike every other vehicle a person learns to use, the Segway PT takes just minutes (think back to how long it took you to learn to ride a bike, drive a car, skates, or even how to use a KickScooter safely….by comparison learning to safely ride a Segway PT takes almost no time at all).

Safe Riding Tips

Segway New Zealand urges all riders of e-scooters to follow the manufacturers instructions for use, obey New Zealand’s road rules for e-scooters, ride at a safe speed and wear an approved helmet. Start by riding slowly, and always ride carefully. Remember, it takes practice and time to gain experience when learning to ride any new vehicle. Appreciate and understanding the limitations of a device with small wheels, especially with respect to braking ability and maintaining stability and control on uneven or slippery surfaces. Even experienced riders expose themselves to risk of serious injury or death every time they ride.

Take a moment to read our important article for Ninebot by Segway ES1, ES2, ES4 and Max riders: KickScooter riders MUST do this (for safety).

Maintenance Tips for KickScooter users

In this short video Jake Billing shares his methods, ideas and maintenance tips about looking after his Ninebot by Segway ES-series KickScooter. Topics he covers in this well-shot 7 minute clip include:

  • Cleaning – keep your ES-series KickScooter looking spick & span
  • Lubricating – “No more squeaks, no more creaks” (including a tip about whether to use a wet lubricant or a dry lubricant – depending on the environment where you live)
  • Tightening – every thing ever invented that is fastened to another thing can potentially move or loosen over time,

In this video, Jake’s ES4 has travelled more than 800km and his tips about checking to ensure bolts remain tight and using thread-locker are invaluable (even more-so if you ride on the rough, or push the limits of the manufacturer’s use specifications)

This is not an official Segway-Ninebot video.



Active scam alert: ‘Segway – NZ’ on Facebook claiming you’ve won a free KickScooter ES2

Active scam on 21 August 2019: During the last 2 hours we’ve received 4 phone calls and 1 email from Kiwis who are suspicious that a promotion appearing on Facebook claiming they’ve won a free Segway KickScooter is a scam.

They’re right – this is a scam!

Segway New Zealand is not running any Facebook promotions or ‘free KickScooter’ giveaways at the present time. This scam was launched yesterday morning, and continues to run at time of publishing. This same scam is likely being run right now in other countries as well. It has probably been run at least once before.

The scam uses a Facebook page called ‘Segway – NZ’ (obviously this fake page has nothing to do with the real Segway New Zealand). If you must check it out, here it is:


The scam claims you’ve won 1 of 5 free KickScooter ES2s – but you must act within 24 hours otherwise your prize will be offered to someone else. All you need to do is provide your credit card details to debit NZ$3 for the cost of having your prize delivered….


Note the poor English used in this scam: “3nz$” and “Continuer >>”

UPDATE on 26 August 2019: Today we received a call from a distressed individual who was tricked by this scam, and this person told us that instead of debiting just $3 from their credit card an amount of $100 was debited.





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