Loomo, a Segway Robot this way rolls

Segway Robotics has announced exciting new developments at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, USA this week.


First unveiled a year ago at CES as a prototype robot based upon a Segway miniPRO platform, this latest ‘alpha release’ development of the Segway Robot is called Loomo (learn more and watch a video here).

Conceived as an ‘open platform’ to encourage wide adoption and the development of a multitude of uses, Loomo comes with a software development kit (SDK) and features built-in voice recognition (English and Chinese), loudspeakers and a hardware expansion bay.


Out of thousands of applicants, Segway Robotics has carefully chosen four initial development partners to whom Loomo is already shipping:

  • BMW (autonomous driving)
  • Intel (who’s RealSense gives Loomo its 3D vision and depth perception)
  • MIT Smart Centre (medical and elderly care)
  • Stibo Accelerator (enterprise, consumer and retail applications).

In this excerpt from an article that appears in Robotics Tomorrow, a Segway Robotics spokesperson says:

“We believe the source of intelligence is innovation, and this robot is designed to be creative and innovative” said Sarah Zhang, Business Lead & Head Developer of Partnerships of Segway Robotics. “The idea of combining a personal transporter with a personal robot that will change people’s lives is what we set out to do with this project, and we are thrilled to partner with some of the world’s leading technology organizations to create a powerful computer that you can engage with in an unprecedented, three dimensional way.”


When Loomo becomes widely available later this year the Segway Robot will offer a wide range of users – from researchers to businesses to home hobbyists – the opportunity to own, experiment with and actually deploy a capable, flexible, useful robot in ways we can’t yet even imagine.

Perhaps in anticipation of robots becoming more common, IEEE’s Spectrum is featuring this fascinating video and transcript of an interview with a group of experts who are attempting to model moral behaviour, so it can be programmed into the robots we build to roll amongst us.


Segway at CES 2017, Las Vegas, USA.

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Out with the old and in with the new

As 2016 ends and 2017 begins…


Making history (March 2016): Segway miniPRO and Personal Transporter riders were some of the users on “Lightpath 100K Milestone Day.” This was the day the 100,000th person used Auckland’s recently opened shared path that encircles the CBD.

…here’s another quote from Henry Ford:

“I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one — and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in…great open spaces.”

What Ford did for family transportation, Segway are doing for personal transportation. And while you can’t fit your entire family onto just one Segway miniPRO, this awesome little personal transporter is inexpensive enough for everyone can have one each. You don’t even need to be making a good salary to afford a Segway miniPRO.

Summer in New Zealand is the perfect time of year to enjoy hours of pleasure in our great open spaces. For example, you could ride your Segway miniPRO to the top of one volcano or another, play a bit of miniPRO Polo on the front lawn on a sunny Sunday afternoon, or challenge your family, friends or workmates to slalom games indoors, or out…


Corporate ‘team building’ events and group/family fun day activities on Segway miniPROs

Just think of the places you could go. Head out on an excursion, and find adventure a little off the paved path…


Dirt tracks, stoney trails, grass or clay or wood chips (and look – you can even go fetch a barrow filled with firewood in half the usual time). Of course, if you really want to go cross-terrain you’ll want a full-sized Segway x2 SE.

Cruise into the all-electric future, or put on your best Steam Punk gear and hang out with the pioneers of personal mobility from a century or two ago….and ponder the difference 100 years makes (or the irony of how the more it changes, the more it stays the same).

EV Tesla.jpg

The latest technologies, a century apart.

Take the Segway miniPRO with you wherever you go. We like to call it “the EV that fits inside an EV.”

The Segway miniPRO is the perfect size to put in the back seat of the ute (or, the pickup truck, as they say in America). Drop one into the front of a Tesla Model S, or jiggle two into the back of a Porsche Boxster.


Have you ever had this much fun in the back of a ute*? One in under the bonnet** or a couple in the boot*** (if you live in America, we’re talking about *a pickup truck, the **hood, and the ***trunk).

When Dean Kamen and his team invented the Segway Personal Transporter 15 years ago they envisaged a future filled with a wide range of self-balancing designs and implementations to meet all kinds of needs.

That future is here today.

Call 0800 2 SEGWAY or contact us about our sharp new January 2017 deal on the Segway miniPRO. In stock now – get yours today in Black or in White.


FROM LEFT: photo from TIME Magazine’s 2001 launch story about the Segway PT entitled “Reinventing the Wheel” (that’s Dean Kamen on the Segway p133 in the background); a photo snapped outside Christchurch Library in 2016 – that day people commuted on a Segway i2, a miniPRO and a couple of kick-scooters; an example of how the miniPRO is making life easier for someone from Hamilton; the Ninebot by Segway ONE S1 electric unicycle (available in New Zealand from Q2 2017).

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Black or White? Or one of each?


We offer the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO in twice as many colours as Henry Ford offered the Model T automobile. Thats right, a century ago Mr Ford famously said

Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

…but today you can have your Segway miniPRO in either Black or in White. Both colours are in stock now.

Or how about one of each at our 1+1 = twice the fun special price? Call 0800 2 SEGWAY for details.

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Merry Christmas – the new ‘Segway Simply Moving’ video shows off 2017 products


Here’s a great new video (1:48 mins) from Segway, Inc. that shows off current and new products you’ll be able to buy from Segway New Zealand in 2017:


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miniPRO Christmas special – be quick!

Santa arrived early at Segway New Zealand this morning. He delivered our latest shipment of Ninebot by Segway miniPROs just in time for Christmas!


The Segway miniPRO is the Xmas present you’ll still be enjoying a year from now, long after toys like hoverboards are broken and discarded.

The Segway miniPRO is a serious ride. On one foot it provides fun, personal transportation. On the other foot, you’ll be impressed with just how capable this productivity tool can be in commercial deployments. In fact, Santa told us today that he has decided to turn loose his eight reindeer and replace them with miniPROs. He says he’s done the maths and is pretty sure a team of miniPROs will tow his slay around the world faster, and of course they will cost less to feed. Improving Santa’s efficiencies will lead to all the good boys and girls receiving more presents next year.

Be quick, call 0800 2 SEGWAY today, ask about our Christmas Special Offer and get a Segway miniPRO under the tree before Sunday.

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New Website, new Segway ONE S1, and new Segway Robots coming soon

We’ll be launching our brand new website in January 2017, and announcing new Segway products.


On brand our new website you can:

  • Buy Segway Personal Transporters (PTs). We offer the complete Segway i2 SE and Segway x2 range, including golf, commuter and commercial cargo configurations as well as the specialised Segway Patroller models.
  • Buy Segway miniPROs for personal and commercial applications.
  • Buy genuine Segway Accessories & Parts, and a selection of quality accessories we’ve curated from around the world.
  • Contact our authorised Dealers located nationwide.
  • Learn how New Zealanders are deploying Segway PTs and Segway miniPROs for business, personal and mobility uses. View more than 10 years of Case Studies illustrating specific applications where Kiwis have deployed Segway’s self-balancing products to create incredible solutions that really work, solve productivity problems, and are fun to use.
  • Book one of our world-famous Segway Corporate/Group Entertainment & Team Building activities.
  • Hire Segway PTs and Segway miniPROs by the day or week for Event Management, Advertising & Promotions, Security & Public Safety deployments, Film & Television (hire pristine units for in-shot use; hands-free/Steadicam-ready units for camera use; standard or cargo configurations for on-set productivity), and for all kinds of Personal needs (yes – of course you can hire one just for fun; for getting around while visiting New Zealand on holiday; for better mobility during injury or illness; and so much more).
  • Find all of the authorised Segway Tour and Segway Fun Ride sites around New Zealand
  • Access free Technical Support, download User Manuals and watch Safety Videos.


SegwayCES2017 2.jpg

Segway, Inc. is launching new products at the US Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  5-8 January 2017. Just we were one of the first 5 countries in the world selling the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO you’ll be able to buy the upcoming products here in New Zealand from early next year.


The new Ninebot by Segway ONE S1 will be the only electric unicycle for sale in New Zealand that meets UL 2272 electrical safety certification. Riders with a nimble skill set, combined with a fearless mindset, can learn to ride in about an hour, according to Brian Buccella, Vice-president of marketing and product development at Segway. It may take take others longer to become proficient. According to Segway’s website that is previewing the product now:

The One S1 is not for everyone. It’s for unique riders who are bold and love a challenge, who look to try new things, be different and turn heads. ARE YOU ONE?

Later in the year we hope yo be amongst the first in the world to offer the Segway Advanced Robot. Designed for educational, workplace and home use, both Developer and Consumer releases are scheduled for 2017. We encourage schools and universities as well as individuals to contact us now to be first in line to get to ‘play’ with this incredible new platform that’s open and extensible by you.


For educational and commercial enterprises in need of bigger, more powerful robots check out the range of Segway Robotic Mobility Platforms (RMPs) that come in a variety of two-wheeled dynamically balanced versions, as well as three-wheeeled and powerful four-wheeled statically balanced configurations.


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Segway servicing/repair information for Dec 2016-Feb 2017

UPDATED: 14 December 2016

A year ago Segway New Zealand became one of the first Distributorships in the Asia-Pacific region to offer full factory-level servicing of Segway Personal Transporters.

Diagnostics and repairs of a Segway Personal Transporter are conducted using a software package called Remote Service Tool (RST) in conjunction with a hardware device called SegLink. The SegLink can communicate with Segway SE and Gen 2 platforms via both wireless and wired connections. Service sessions require a real-time connection over the internet to Segway HQ. This is a secure system designed to maintain the integrity of Segway’s intellectual property, and ensure the safety of Segway’s products (and therefore the people who ride them).



Due to a temporary technical issue at Segway HQ in USA we’re unable to offer RST-level service sessions in New Zealand for up to the next three days (13-16 December 2016). Our InfoKey Programming Tool will not be able to create new Segway InfoKeys during this outage. Upgrading software and extracting logs on first generation HT/XT/GT platorms using SART is not possible. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, even though the cause is outside of our control (the only previous instance of an outage was due to a major weather event in 2011).

UPDATE: 14 December 2016 – all of our services returned to normal operation last night. Downtime was less than two days.

With only a few business days remaining until Christmas we urge all Segway PT owners who would like to purchase a replacement InfoKey, or who have a PT that requires RST-level repairs, to contact us immediately so we can do our best to meet your needs before the Great Kiwi Summer holiday period begins. Also we will be offering service on many of the days during the Christmas and New Year break, with priority offered to our valued commercial and mobility users .



Due to overseas travel neither RST service nor InfoKey programming will be available at our Auckland workshop between 15-31 January 2017. As always, we have arrangements in place to dispatch essential parts such as Lithium battery packs, wheels and tyres to customers during this period.


Due to trade show exhibition and annual national sales trip commitments no RST service will be available at our Auckland workshop between from 13 until late-February 2017. We will be travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand during this period, and bringing our mobile RST set-up with us. So we’ll we will be able to call in and personally visit customers as far south as Dunedin – please be in touch if you’d like to see us. We will be carrying stocks of accessories and parts so we can inspect, service and perform on-site maintenance/repairs. This is a great opportunity for both individual and fleet owners to have their Segway PTs checked over.


…Free technical assistance is always available by calling 0800 2 SEGWAY. You’ll be able to reach us throughout the summer period 7 days per week, including on most Public Holidays.

We currently have excellent stocks of genuine Segway Accessories, so if you’re looking for a Christmas present this is a great time to order everything you’ve ever wanted!

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