Segway miniLITE ($995) almost here – order today

The first shipment of the brand new Segway miniLITE ($995) is about to land in New Zealand. Pre-order now to be the first in the Southern Hemisphere to own a Segway miniLITE – specially designed for kids aged 6 to 16+


Built to legendary Segway standards for durability and safety, the miniLITE is super-easy to ride and control (unlike those silly hoverboard things that were blowing up a couple of years ago). That is because the miniLITE uses a knee-bar for steering that works the same way as the LeanSteer handlebar found on full-size Segway Personal Transporters. And because LeanSteer/KneeBar is Segway’s patented steering system, you won’t find any other product with this unique feature for sale in New Zealand.

miniLITE Consumer Brochure.jpg

A Segway miniLITE might be the best Christmas present for your family this season. Buy a pair for $1,995 and receive a free bonus of two Segway Safe Rider packs (find out what’s in our packs here).

miniLITE kids collage.jpg



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Our Segway miniPLUS escapes and roams around Auckland

minPLUS Museum.JPG

Yesterday, one of our brand new Segway miniPLUS escaped our clutches and went roaming around Auckland. We finally caught up with it again outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum, and snapped this photo before sneaking up from behind and recapturing it.


The new Segway miniPLUS is packed with features – check out these specs:

minPLUS Brochure page.jpg

Add the optional 3-axis 1080p transmitting camera and you’ve created your own personal video drone. Using the hand-held remote control you can drive the Segway miniPLUS wherever you like. Or engage ‘follow me’ mode and it will automatically follow  you – either in front or behind – at a distance you can set. Or use the App to trace out a path on the screen of your phone – the miniPRO will become your automated camera dolly. Hollywood – here you come!


We wanted to find out how capable the new Segway miniPLUS is. With wider and larger diameter wheels, and more powerful motors, we were keen to take it out and about around the sights of Auckland. From our expeditions last year, we already knew the original Segway miniPRO could climb every mountain.* In fact, on the miniPRO we’d already conquered Mount Eden, Mount Victoria, Mount Albert, One Tree Hill….. We’d even ascended the lower reaches of the world’s steepest street in Dunedin. Not even mighty Mount Maunganui could keep the miniPRO from reaching its sunny summit.

* some exceptions apply

The wider, rounder tyres of the Segway miniPLUS sport and identical, very special tread pattern as the full-sized Segway i2 SE. Self-balancing machines benefit from a special bi-directional tread pattern, so they have equal traction whether rotating forwards or backwards. When travelling across longer grass or when the ground is wet and soft underneath the miniPLUS has noticeably improved comfort, the enhanced level of traction is apparent. The Segway miniPLUS has more ground clearance as well because the battery pack is located in the central tower, rather than attached underneath as with all other Segway self-balancing products.

So……..we decided to take the Segway miniPLUS to Liverpool Street – officially Auckland’s steepest.

We had tested the Segway miniPRO on this same street 18 months earlier and we were keen to tackle it with the new miniPLUS. What we found was the more powerful miniPLUS had no problem at all carrying an 80kg rider up the street at faster-than-walking pace – even up the steepest 13 degree section that stalled the miniPRO with the same rider last year. So, for owners looking for a small personal transporter with a bit more oomph and many more features the new Segway miniPLUS is the machine for you.

We can’t wait to try the miniPLUS on Baldwin Street when we visit Dunedin in March 2018.  We know from previous excursions that the Segway i2 SE can climb to the top of Baldwin Street and safely descend again, while the miniPRO made it about one-third of the way up (where the grade begins to incline more steeply). We’re taking bets now on how far up the miniPLUS will climb…..


2016: Segway miniPRO about to tackle the world’s steepest street….in early 2018 the miniPLUS will take on the same challenge.

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A preview of our temporary website

Segway New Zealand’s website ( has been down for more than a week because of technical issues at our US-based hosting company. Malicious code was detected in our site, and now we’re having a bit of trouble acquiring our website’s backup files….

We have a temporary website going up within a couple of days that has all the essential information you need.

Temporary Segway NZ Website one page only.jpg


We’ve actually got a brand new website almost completed, and we’re busy populating it with the brand new Segway products. It will replace the temporary page just as soon as it is finished and polished.




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We took the Segway family to the beach


The other day we took the whole family to the beach.

Take a look – they are all here, enjoying a sunny winter’s day on the lawn of the Copthorne Resort at Waitangi, Bay of Islands.

If you look carefully you will see some new children gathered around Mum and Dad (they’d be the full-sized Segway i2 SE and x2 SE standing at the back).

Standing on the left is the new Segway KickScooter that we launched two weeks ago. Next up is a Segway miniPRO (black), who you may have met before.

Now look even more closely – in front-middle is the brand new Segway miniPLUS (white), while on the far right is the brand new Segway miniLITE (white). These are the first two examples to be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. The new mini models were revealed and launched at a Segway event in Seoul, South Korea only one day before we took this photo.


The Segway miniPLUS brings great new features such as “follow me” and a wireless remote control. It is larger than the miniPRO and is more powerful, too. The wheels are bigger and wider for better grip and a smoother ride, the platform is wider and deeper for comfort, and the optional 3-axis gyro-stabilised transmitting camera (1080p) turns the miniPLUS into a programmable, route-tracing or remote controlled drone! Picnic selfies will never be the same again.

miniPLUS Camera Trunk.png

Store the optional Camera in the “trunk” (shown here with cover removed; alternatively it can store the remote control). Attach it to the top and your miniPLUS becomes your remote controlled broadcasting drone.

The Segway miniLITE is ideal kids. It is designed to be safe and fun for 6 year olds on through into teenage years. While not as fast or powerful as the miniPRO and miniPLUS, you can be sure the miniLITE has been and built to be Segway-strong, Segway-safe and Segway-fun!

We’ll have more details on the new models soon.

You can pre-order now 0800 2 SEGWAY and be one of the first in the world to take delivery in October 2017.


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New Segway products roll into MORGO 2017


This week three new Segway products will make their New Zealand debut at Kiwi Venture Capitalist Jenny Morell’s MORGO.

MORGO 2017 is being held in the Bay of Islands between 30 August to 1 September. Two innovative new Segway products and the new Segway KickScooter we announced last week will join the classic lineup of Segway Personal Transporters (i2 SE, x2 SE, x2 Golf) and Segway miniPROs.

MORGO attendees will be first in New Zealand to see and ride these latest products. In fact, they will be some of the first in the world. Segway New Zealand has been debuting new Segway products and Segway-based innovations at MORGO since 2007.

MORGO is the annual private conference where around 100 of New Zealand’s top technology entrepreneurs are invited to attend. The focus is on individuals who are busy building high-growth, export orientated technology businesses.

Search the Segway NZ News archives for previous stories about our Segway adventures with other great products featured at past MORGOs, including the Martin Jet Pack, Yike Bike and the Rex Bionics Exo-Skeleton.


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For hire: Hands-free/Steadicam-ready Segway PT for film, TV and commercial video production

Segway New Zealand has a Hands-free/Steadicam-ready Segway Personal Transporter for hire. This knee-steer combination is specially configured for film, television and commercial video production.



We also hire the complete Hands-free/Steadicam-ready kit separately. This can be attached to any Segway i2/x2 model in 2 minutes. We hire and ship this unit nationwide and overseas.

This is a beautifully finished Hands-free kit designed and perfected by professional cameraman Geoff Andrews of Moving Media from Hamilton (see our 2014 post Moving Media fine-tunes hands-free Steadicam kit). In addition to providing comfortable, adjustable knee-steer operation, special features include a seat to rest on between takes, a sliding mass on a horizontal rod to trim self-balancing for different loadings, and a powerful front headlight.

Steadicam 4-up.jpg

Hands-free/Steadicam-ready knee-steer kit. Normally fitted to a Segway x2 with Turf ballon tyres, but can be fitted to a Segway i2 with standard tyres for use in tight spaces or indoors.

As we wrote about here in 2013, Segway PTs have been used as “camera dolly” platforms since 2004. One of the world’s pioneers in this field was of this application was Wellington’s Hamish McIntyre (using a Segway e167 model). He used it on NZ feature films including Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia, Eagle vs Shark and River Queen.

Sports cameramen Rhys Duncan (Broadcast Arts Video Unit, Auckland), James Staunton (Sky TV Sport, Auckland) and camerawoman Rebecca (Bex) Wilson-Jennings (SteadiBex Steadicam, Wellington) are often seen racing up and down the sidelines of televised sporting events throughout New Zealand (see Rugby: Segway was the winner on the day). James recently traded in his well-worn Segway x2 on the latest x2 SE model.

Rhys Duncan has travelled the world with his hands-free Segway PT to film many international sporting events, including the Olympic Games in Rio last year. Here is a great photo of Rhys taken at that event in Brazil.

Rhys Rio.JPG

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“Big Foot” Snow-Segway

It is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, and popular ski destinations such as Queenstown are packed with snow, snowboarders and skiers.

Sometimes people ask us if Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) can be used in the snow. The answer is “Of course!”

Some places even offer Segway Tours in the snow. One example is Explore Niseko at Hirafu Village (Japan). ere is a grea photo from their website, showing a pair of explorers on Segway x2 models:


Outside of winter, Segway Tours and activities can be found operating during summer months at many ski resorts, often operate in combination with activities such as zip lining.

Here in New Zealand there are no ‘Segway Snow Tours’ per se, but Queenstown’s Segway On Q operates all year round. Snow falls in Queenstown so winter tourists often get to enjoy a journey through snow – and over frosty ice. Segway On Q fits special ‘snow tyres’ to their fleet of Segway i2 SE and i2 models during these winter months. The tread pattern of these tyres provides considerable extra grip, even though they are the same size as regular Segway i2SE tyres. You can see a video of proprietor Kevin Hey testing out these tyres in 10cm of new powder on the Segway On Q Facebook page here (2011), and on the local ice rink here (2013). We also wrote about this in our article Queenstown (snow and ice), National Field Days (mud?) and SpeedShow (tarmac) in 2013, and included some great photos and further links. While people often expect the big wheeled (big-footed?) Segway x2SE models to cope well with snow, they are often surprised to see just how well an “appropriately shod” Segway i2SE can do.

We’ve just found this photo from France showing something we’ve never seen before – Segway x2 models fitted with snow chains.



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