Price list of common replacement parts for Segway miniLITE, miniPRO, miniPLUS and KickScooter ES2


For Segway miniLITE:

  • Wheel (including motor) with Tyre: $395
  • Tyre: $50
  • Decorative Wheel Cover/Hub Cap: $25
  • Fender: $40
  • Knee-Steer (complete, standard height): $150
  • Knee-Steer (complete, tall height): $150
  • Knee-Steer Pad (foam): $50
  • Battery charger for miniLITE (2 pins): $95
  • Battery pack for miniLITE (155 Watt-hour): $195
  • for all other parts please enquire


For unsupported and discontinued Xiaomi Ninebot ‘mini’ (and all fake products):

  • ‘mini’ model is not imported or sold by Segway NZ is and is not UL2272 certified
  • ‘mini’ model does not carry the ‘Segway’ brand, is outdated, and is unsupported
  • fake ‘mini’ devices typically do not have Segway or Ninebot branding, and are unsupported
  • read our explanatory note at the bottom of this article*


For Segway miniPRO:

  • Wheel (including motor) with Tyre: $395
  • Tyre: $50
  • Decorative Wheel Cover/Hub Cap: $50
  • Decorative Wheel ‘Blades’ (set of 3 Red & 1 Grey insert): $25
  • Fender: $50
  • Foot Pad: $50
  • Knee-Steer (complete): $295
  • Knee-Steer Pad (foam): $25
  • Knee-Steer Height Adjust knob: $25
  • Knee-Steer Telescopic Rod Knob: $25
  • Knee-Steer Red Reflector: $25
  • Knee-Steer Quick Release: $50
  • Battery charger for miniPRO (4 pins): $195
  • Battery pack for miniPRO (320 Watt-hour): $395
  • for all other parts please enquire


For Segway miniPLUS:

  • Wheel (including motor) with Tyre: $495
  • Tyre: $75
  • Fender: $50
  • Foot Pad: $50
  • Remote Control (programmed to a specific miniPLUS): enquire
  • KneeSteer (complete): enquire
  • Optional stabilising and broadcasting camera: $795
  • Battery charger for miniPLUS: $295
  • Battery pack replacement: enquire
  • for all other parts please enquire


For Ninebot by Segway KickScooter (ES2 model):

  • Front Wheel with motor and tyre: $195
  • Rear Wheel: $95
  • Handlebar (complete unit with grips, button, headlight, UI display, etc): $395
  • Latch: $25
  • Foot brake: $75
  • Kick stand: $100
  • Optional Extra Battery pack: $395
  • Battery charger for KickScooter: $95
  • for all other parts please enquire


For Ninebot ONE C/C+/E/E+ electric unicycles and Ninebot Elite PTR E+ (etc):

  • these discontinued products were never imported or sold by Segway New Zealand, and are unsupported
  • we do not stock replacement battery packs for these models
  • we may begin selling the Segway ONE S2 and upcoming ONE Z-series from mid-2018 (and we welcome your expressions of interest now, so please be in touch)


This price list is correct as of 30 March 2018, excludes GST and delivery charges (if any).

Note that prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Please phone us 0800 2 SEGWAY with any questions or for further explanation of part names, and for pricing on other parts and servicing.


* Explanatory Note about Xiaomi Ninebot ‘mini’ model:

Segway New Zealand never imported, sold or supported the Xiaomi Ninebot mini model, which was similar to the miniPRO model but with fewer features, weaker motors, smaller battery and lower maximum safe rider weight. The ‘mini’ was designed and constructed for use in mainland China (sold there between 2015-2017). It was never intended for international markets, and never attained UL2272 certification for electrical and battery safety (this makes it risky to plug the ‘mini’ model into mains power in New Zealand). The Xiaomi Ninebot mini does not carry the Segway brand or Segway logo, and we do not provide support or parts for non-Segway products (including any fake copies of the mini, including very dangerous fakes constructed with charging ports that have the incorrect number of pins or battery packs that operate at a different voltage to genuine Segway products). You’re on your own.

There are grey market/privately imported ‘mini’ units for sale on TradeMe. We don’t think people should buy them because safety and performance will disappoint under New Zealand conditions. There are no parts, no warranty and no after-sales support for the ‘mini’ model available from Segway New Zealand, nor from our nationwide network of dealers and retailers. We do not stock replacement battery packs for the ‘mini’ model. We know of and have inspected at least one fake ‘mini’ sold on TradeMe to an unsuspecting Kiwi buyer. Externally, it was a fairly accurate copy but with some ‘giveaways’ ( e.g. devoid of branding, different number of pins on charging socket, different battery voltage, cheap plastics, weak parts prone to breakage, etc). Internally, it contained no genuine parts, was underpowered, responded poorly to rider feedback making it difficult to control, and was very dangerous to ride.

Fake mini 2
Photos of an actual fake ‘mini’ purchased on TradeMe in New Zealand (2018). This device contained no genuine parts, is underpowered and difficult to control – very dangerous to ride!

We examined the differences between mini, miniPRO and fakes in detail in our August 2016 article Why Kiwis should buy the Segway miniPRO (but not he Xiaomi/Ninebot ‘mini’) – and we even updated the article in Dec 2016, and again in Feb 2017.

Today, if you’re looking for a safe device for kids to enjoy then our new Segway miniLITE is the only model specifically designed for ages 6+ and up (limit is rider weight of 80kg). The miniLITE is fun to ride and is the only model that has optional Little Monster bumper kits offering customisable colour!

If you’re an adult looking to ride safe, fun and practical personal transportation under New Zealand conditions the fully featured miniPRO and miniPLUS are the models to choose. The miniPRO is light and sporty, with an adjustable knee-steer and handy telescopic trolly bar. The powerful miniPLUS is packed with features including a magical wireless ‘follow-me’ mode, separate remote control, and optional broadcasting camera accessory.

NZ Listener’s Peter Griffin reviews Segway miniLITE, miniPRO, miniPLUS – and loves ’em!

Thanks for the use of the [Segway] miniLite, I’ve been all over Wellington on it and love it


Peter Griffin is New Zealand’s best-known technology commentator (NZ Listener, NZ Herald, Radio New Zealand, etc), and Director of the Science Media Centre.

Recently, Peter test-rode the Segway miniLITE around hilly Wellington for several weeks, and reviewed the mini-Series range for NZ Listener. An earlier, more in-depth version of his NZ Listener review can be found at Sciblogs here.


In 2008 Peter was a ferocious team member of the Pole Blacks, New Zealand’s pioneering Segway Polo team. At the famous polo grounds of San Francisco Park he joined Kiwi technology luminaries Rod Drury (Xero, TradeMe), Seeby Woodhouse (Orcon, Voyager) Steve Simms (Tomizone), Andrew Somervell and team captain Philip Bendall (Segway NZ) to challenge founding US team Aftershocks in defence of the ‘Woz Challenge Cup.’


Aftershocks players included Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and three time Emmy winning screenwriter Victor Millar (perhaps most famous for writing Friday the 13th). Today, more than a dozen nations send Segway Polo teams to compete in the annual competition.

Steve Simms and Philip Bendall like to claim they created the first new international team sport of the 21st Century when they invited the Californian inventors of Segway Polo to play in New Zealand in 2005. The world’s first competition for the ‘Woz Challenge Cup’ was played in front of a crowd of thousands during the final day of the annual Horse Polo Championship event in Auckland (February 2006).

Pole Blacks Philip Bendall (Captain) and Rod Drury defending the ‘Woz Challenge Cup’ in San Francisco, 2008.

A decade later Philip Bendall casually ‘created’ Segway miniPRO Polo on sunny afternoon on his front lawn. This game has gone on to become a popular corporate entertainment activity in the Auckland region.

To book a game of Segway miniPRO Polo for your next ‘team building’ activity call 0800 2 SEGWAY.


Price list of common replacement parts for Segway PTs

Segway New Zealand provides a full range of parts and service for Segway Personal Transporters (PTs), Segway mini-Series (miniLITE, miniPRO, miniPLUS, but not the discontinued China-only ‘mini’ model), and KickScooter ES2.

For Segway PTs, we keep replacement parts for current i2 SE & x2 SE models and previous i2 & x2 models (also known as “Gen 2”) in stock, including Golf and Patroller versions. For items not listed below, please call us on 0800 2 SEGWAY to enquire about pricing. We also have some new and many used parts for “Gen 1” models HT i180, i170, i167, XT and GT (and even a few for the p133).

We strongly recommend that owners refer to Segway’s Preventative Maintenance Guide and attend to service recommendations therein. The guide includes photos of tyre wear showing when replacement is necessary to ensure continued safe riding.


Price list of common replacement parts for Segway PTs (excluding GST)

Wheels & Tyres

  • Tyre for i2 SE and i2: $125 (remember: traction is what keeps you and your Segway PT safely self-balancing; see photos of worn tyres in our Get a better grip article)
  • Tube for i2 SE and i2: $30 (these tubes have the required “elbow” style valve stem; tubes with straight stems are almost impossible to inflate without first removing the wheel from the Segway PT)
  • Wheel kit for i2 SE and i2: $250 (this kit includes one plastic wheel rim fitted with tyre and tube, plus three new fasteners)
  • Wheel Cap (or Hub Cap) for i2 SE and i2: $25 each or $40 per par
  • Wheel kit for x2 SE and x2: $350 (this kit includes one new-style steel wheel fitted with standard “ATV-style” tyre, plus three new fasteners; see our trade-in offer for original-style x2 wheels with aluminium hub adaptors and see photos of worn tyres in our Get a better grip article)
  • Wheel kit for x2 SE Turf/Golf and x2 Turf/Golf: $350 (this kit includes one aluminium wheel fitted with Turf tyre, plus three new fasteners; re-use the aluminium hub adaptors from your worn wheel)
  • MAX Wheel kit for i2 SE and i2: $350 (includes one aluminium wheel fitted with ‘Town & Country’ treaded tyre, plus three stainless steel fasteners; specially designed and built by BodyElectric in New Zealand; fits under i2 SE and i2 Fender, fits through standard doorway with ~3+ cm to spare each side)


Handlebar, InfoKey and LeanSteer Frame

  • Handlebar fitted with pair of rubber Grips: $95
  • Pair of rubber Handlebar Grips: $60 (remove the worn grips from your handlebar and fit these replacements; see our article Worn, slippery grips need to be replaced)
  • InfoKey, programmed to your Segway PT’s serial number: $495 (includes delivery)
  • InfoKey button or screen repair: price on application (NB: not all damage InfoKeys can be repaired)
  • InfoKey button cell battery CR2430: between ~$15 and ~$20 for the highest quality, longest lasting brand available; do not use low-quality brands because they don’t last, don’t provide long range transmission, will drop the wireless connection between InfoKey and PT, will stop working in cold weather, and will encourage ‘hard pressing’ of buttons leading to premature InfoKey failure due to damage to the internal button springs); see our article Buy top quality, long-lasting InfoKey batteries from Segway New Zealand
  • InfoKey Dock and Bezel kit: $45 (contains one Dock & fastener, and three InfoKey Bezels – Dock, Lanyard and Smooth; InfoKeys will not remain firmly attached if either or both Dock and Dock Bezel are worn)
  • InfoKey Protector kit: $55 (contains rubberised InfoKey protector and clear InfoKey screen protector)
  • InfoKey Wrist Strap kit: $45 (contains velcro Wrist Strap and wristwatch-orientation Bezel)
  • Segway NZ Height Adjust Wrench tool: $75
  • InfoKey Special Accessories kit: $125 (contains one InfoKey Protector kit, One InfoKey Wrist Strap kit, one Segway NZ Lanyard, one Segway NZ Height Adjust Wrench tool to easily tighten/loosen the LeanSteer Height Adjust knob)
  • LeanSteer Height Adjustment knob: $35
  • Red ‘FlyGuy’ Emblem for LeanSteer Stem of i2 SE and x2 SE: $35
  • Red ‘Flyguy’ Emblem for lower LeanSteer of i2 and x2): $45


Chassis and Trims

  • Stainless Steel Fastener upgrade kit: $195, or $245 including fitting (see our article Stainless Steel Fastener Upgrade Set)
  • Front or Rear Trim for PowerBase of i2 SE and x2 SE: $55
  • Front or Rear Trim for PowerBase of i2 and x2: $55
  • Centre Console Cover (with Charge Port flap) for i2 SE or x2 SE: $135
  • Centre Console Cover Trim (with Charge Port flap) for i2 or x2: $75
  • Centre Console Cover and Gasket for i2 and x2: $95 (excludes fitting)
  • Centre Console Housing for i2 and x2: $175 (excludes fitting)



  • Gearbox Elastomer for i2 SE, x2 SE, i2 and x2: $95 (includes free fitting)
  • Gearbox Coupling for i2 SE, x2 SE, i2 and x2: $195 (includes free fitting)
  • Gearbox kit for i2 SE, x2 SE, i2 and x2: $995 (includes new Gearbox Coupling, Gearbox Elastomer, Gearbox Gasket, three fasteners and free fitting)


Batteries & Charger

  • UI Charger for i2 and x2: $1,295 (includes free fitting; may also require new Console Housing and/or Console Cover and Gasket)
  • Segway Lithium battery for all models (one): $1,995
  • Segway Lithium battery for all models (pair): $3,795
  • pre-owned Lithium battery packs are often available (with warranty) – please enquire


First-Generation Segway HT i167, i170, i180, XT, GT models

  • we have most parts available (some new, most used parts in good condition, all with warranty)
  • for all i-Series and GT model: wheels $95; tyres $50 to $125 (new); i180 silver wheel inserts $5 (new)
  • for XT model: wheels with ATV tyre $350 (new)
  • Handlebar with User Interface $500; Turning Grip $250 to $500; Fixed Grip $100
  • CSB (Control Shaft Base) Charger (tested, fully functional, includes warranty) $995
  • PowerBase (tested, fully functional, includes keys and warranty) $995
  • battery options are new Segway Lithium battery packs (see above for prices) or repacking original NiMH battery packs (enquire for details)
  • other items available in stock include a selection of new and used Gearboxes, telescopic Control Shafts (with or without Handlebar), Fenders, Mats, Fender Frames, Lifting Handles, and more (enquire for details)


This price list is correct as of 8 March 2018, excludes GST and delivery charges (if any).

Note that prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Please phone us 0800 2 SEGWAY with any questions or for further explanation of part names, and for pricing on other parts and servicing.

Loomo launches, pre-order today with Segway NZ

Segway Robotics have launched Loomo!


Loomo is your own personal robot sidekick combined with a fully rideable Segway miniPLUS personal transporter.


To get Loomo into the hands of the most enthusiastic early adopters Segway Robotics is using a very special Indigogo campaign. Unfortunately, New Zealand is not on the list of countries that can purchase Loomo during this launch campaign. Individual Loomo’s cannot be shipped here due in part to restrictions on shipping Lithium battery packs, meaning launch countries are limited to USA & Canada, and selected EU nations.

But don’t panic! Segway New Zealand is here to help.

Since 2003 we’ve always been at the leading edge of Segway technology (e.g. importing the first Segway PTs into the Southern Hemisphere just after they were launched in USA). We’ll be one of the first countries to get Loomo to demonstrate to universities, schools, businesses, individuals and media.

If you recognise the possibilities and opportunities, and want to be one of the first to own Loomo please call us on 0800 2 SEGWAY. Be quick!


#1 on TripAdvisor: Christchurch Segway Tours

Christchurch Segway Tours is currently TripAdvisor’s #1 Tour in the city.


Proprietor Graeme Gordon is thrilled to attain the top spot of the 100 other operators in the “Tours” category. Graeme’s business offers a choice of two daily tours, and also owns Urban Wheels – our official regional Dealer of genuine Segway products.

We wrote about Graeme’s tour business first attaining a #1 ranking in May 2015 when the category was called “Tours & Activities” and prior to this we plotted its rise from #5 on up to #2.


Christchurch Segway Tours has enjoyed rave reviews in the NZ Herald (the country’s largest newspaper), excellent coverage by The Press in Christchurch and in USA Today, and featured on prime time television when TV3’s Campbell Live toured the city.

You can learn more about what you’ll experience on a Christchurch Segway Tour by reading our article on touring through the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquake and our feature on how this was the first Tour in New Zealand to begin upgrading their fleet to the latest Segway i2 SE model.


Segway miniPLUS back in town, brings new kick stand accessory to the party!

Our first shipment of the popular Segway miniPLUS sold out – fast!

Our next shipment arrived in February 2018 and back-orders have been delivered to customers. So don’t wait, don’t miss out – order your Segway miniPLUS today ($1,995) by calling 0800 2 SEGWAY

miniPRO stack.jpg
Segway miniPLUS is back in stock (March 2018)

We have very limited stock of a new kick stand accessory for the Segway miniPLUS. Available for $59 when purchased at the same time as a Segway miniPLUS, or $69 when purchased separately (all prices include GST and delivery).


We’ve been able to secure only a small supply of kick stands that were manufactured for the mainland China market. Accordingly, these kick stands for miniPLUS feature the Ninebot brand rather than the Segway brand. We do not know when (or if) an international release will happen.

Nationwide Trade Shows R Us this week

During the next 7 days Segway New Zealand is exhibiting our full line of products at various trade shows in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Christchurch.

SYA Auckland 2018.jpg

We’re also travelling much of the country by road, and visiting existing clients & owners along the way. If you own a Segway PT and would like us to stop by for a service call, or if you’d like to experience the Segway Personal Transporter (PTs) i2 SE and x2 SE, of the miniLITE/miniPRO/miniPLUS and Segway KickScooters then this is a great opportunity for a free on-site product demonstration when we’re in your area.

Call us today on 0800 2 SEGWAY

Gift Fair 2018 JCM.jpg
Segway display at JC Matthews site at The Gift Fare (Auckland)

Segway mini-Series and KickScooter also feature prominently at The Gift Fare (Auckland Showgrounds, Sunday 4 to Tuesday 6 March 2018), at the JC Matthews stand.

Find them at site 3086 (show is open 9am to 6pm on Sunday and Monday, and 9am to 4pm on Tuesday). Be sure to check out the ‘Little Monster’ accessories for miniLITE in Pink, Blue and Green.

More Segway miniLITE & miniPLUS in stock now!

If you’ve been waiting to buy the new Segway miniLITE then you’re in luck!

Segway miniLITE (left) and Segway miniPLUS (right)

Our next shipment of miniLITE has arrived, and this means you can order today and start riding tomorrow. Just $995 gets you the only Segway mini-Series model specifically designed for ages ~6 and above. Price includes GST, 12 month warranty and delivery to your door.

Once you’ve got your miniLITE you know you’re going to want to colourise and reptile-ise your ride with ‘Little Monster’ bumper kits for only $99. These Little Monster kits also protect the leading edges of your miniLITE during your real life adventures.

Little Monster bumper kits for Segway miniLITE


If you’re a bit older (~16 to ~60) or heavier (up to ~100kg), then the Segway miniPLUS is the model for you. Get incredible performance (up to 20 km/h, 35k range) and capabilities (lights, alarm, awesome wireless ‘follow me’ mode, remote control via included handset and via App, and the optional broadcasting camera that turns your miniPLUS a drone). All this and more for only $1,995 including GST, 12 month warranty and delivery to your door.

Segway miniLITEs together with a selection of replacement parts in stock at Segway New Zealand

As New Zealand’s exclusive Distributor of genuine Segway products we offer all the best models for sale. We also keep a full range of replacement parts in stock for every product we’ve ever sold….all the way back to 2002’s original Segway HT i167 model.

What we’ve never sold, do not service or sell any parts for is the ‘Xiaomi Ninebot mini’ model, that was produced for the Chinese market 2015-2017. The ‘mini’ model is geo-locked to mainland China (for activation, warranty limitation and firmware upgrades). It is important to understand that it never designed nor built for export markets (for example, it does not have UL2272 certification for electrical safety). We really do not think Kiwis should buy the discontinued ‘mini model, and you can read our reasons why here.

If you’re looking for a low-cost device specially designed to be safe for your kids to have fun on then the new Segway miniLITE is the model you’re looking for. If you older, heavier, and taller the new Segway miniPLUS is the device designed for you.

“I just saw a Segway-saur!” (Just arrived: Little Monster bumper kits for miniLITE)

Look what just whizzed by….a ‘Little Monster’ Segway miniLITE!

‘Little Monster’ bumper kits for Segway miniLITE (available now)

Segway New Zealand has these brand new ‘Little Monster’ bumper kits for Segway miniLITE in stock now.

We have all three colours – Blue, Green and Pink – ready to ship for just $99 per set (includes GST and delivery).

Each set includes a truly monstrous skin for each “foot” (aka the left and right fenders), an equally rippling skin for the “neck” (aka the knee-steer bar), a bumper strip for the “chest” (aka the front edge of the platform), and a pair of bumper strips for the rear edge of the platform.

T.Rex-ify your miniLITE today!26756609_10155181505038202_8359621339133793490_o-1.jpg.

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