Maintenance Tips for KickScooter users

In this short video Jake Billing shares his methods, ideas and maintenance tips about looking after his Ninebot by Segway ES-series KickScooter. Topics he covers in this well-shot 7 minute clip include:

  • Cleaning – keep your ES-series KickScooter looking spick & span
  • Lubricating – “No more squeaks, no more creaks” (including a tip about whether to use a wet lubricant or a dry lubricant – depending on the environment where you live)
  • Tightening – every thing ever invented that is fastened to another thing can potentially move or loosen over time,

In this video, Jake’s ES4 has travelled more than 800km and his tips about checking to ensure bolts remain tight and using thread-locker are invaluable (even more-so if you ride on the rough, or push the limits of the manufacturer’s use specifications)

This is not an official Segway-Ninebot video.



Active scam alert: ‘Segway – NZ’ on Facebook claiming you’ve won a free KickScooter ES2

Active scam on 21 August 2019: During the last 2 hours we’ve received 4 phone calls and 1 email from Kiwis who are suspicious that a promotion appearing on Facebook claiming they’ve won a free Segway KickScooter is a scam.

They’re right – this is a scam!

Segway New Zealand is not running any Facebook promotions or ‘free KickScooter’ giveaways at the present time. This scam was launched yesterday morning, and continues to run at time of publishing. This same scam is likely being run right now in other countries as well. It has probably been run at least once before.

The scam uses a Facebook page called ‘Segway – NZ’ (obviously this fake page has nothing to do with the real Segway New Zealand). If you must check it out, here it is:


The scam claims you’ve won 1 of 5 free KickScooter ES2s – but you must act within 24 hours otherwise your prize will be offered to someone else. All you need to do is provide your credit card details to debit NZ$3 for the cost of having your prize delivered….


Note the poor English used in this scam: “3nz$” and “Continuer >>”

UPDATE on 26 August 2019: Today we received a call from a distressed individual who was tricked by this scam, and this person told us that instead of debiting just $3 from their credit card an amount of $100 was debited.





Taking the (Segway) family to The Winterless North

We bundled all the kids into the back of the SUV and took them up to The Winterless North.

The bigger kids (Segway x2 SE, Segway i2) were pretty well behaved in the back. And the KickScooters ES2’s pretty much just stretched out and slept the entire journey. Up front sat the troublemakers: noisey little S-Plus and much smarter sidekick Loomo. The Drift W1 e-Skates just wouldn’t sit still and soon got car sick, of course.

Once we arrived at Waitangi we did manage to corral them all together for a quick family photo.

The family on holiday (the KickScooters are sunbathing on the loungers)

The next morning, just as the sun was rising, the eldest kids explored the grounds of the Copthorne Millennium Hotel. Here they are at the water’s edge, with the historically significant Waitangi Bridge in the background.

The bridge to Waitangi, at dawn (Bay of Islands)

Meanwhile, mischievous Loomo went off and teased a rack of bicycles, telling them they hadn’t moved on since the 19th Century and really needed to get their wheels side-by-side to catch up with 21st Century machines. Well, Loomo would say that, wouldn’t it (he? she?).

Loomo: “Hey you lot, your wheels are all in the wrong place – get them side-by-side like me”

Feeling very self-satisfied, Loomo promptly glided on over to a NO PARKING sign, and parked himself right underneath.


The next day, the kids would be put to work at MORGO Conference 2019….

Replace your worn out Segway Ramp Bag for $249 or Handlebar Front Bar for $249

Segway’s lightweight folding Ramps provide a convenient way to easily load your Segway Personal Transporter (PT) into the back of your vehicle.

Bag new.jpg
A new Zippered Carry Bag for a used set of Segway Ramps

Whether it is into your car boot (or trunk if you’re from America), the back of your SUV or onto the deck of your truck the Segway Ramps have been very carefully designed to make loading safe and quick. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium (or aluminum if you’re from America), they weigh only a couple of kilograms each. The angled ends sit flat on the rear edge of your vehicle. Each ramp has a specially shaped channel in the shape of a low, splayed “V” with the correct dimensions to guide both the i2SE and x2SE tyres (or tyres if your from America). This shape encourages the tyres to remain in the channel even if the ramps are not perfectly parallel, or if the loader does not keep the ascent/descent of the PT perfectly aligned. This “forgiving” design makes loading safer compared with using traditionally designed wheelchair ramps, motorcycle ramps, or a especially a plank of 100xmm x 25mm (or good ol’ 4″ x 1″) timber.*

Bag baffle.jpg
The internal baffle prevents the ramps from rattling and rubbing against each other

Segway Ramps come with a Zippered Carry Bag. This tough, hard wearing bag has a strong zipper with two zip tags, and a padded internal baffle that velcro’s into place between the ramps to stop them rattling during travel. This baffle really works well to prevent noise, and to prevent metal-on-metal rubbing and wear.

Bag handle.jpg
Grab and Go. Or Grab and Stow – use the Ramp Bag to prevent your Segway PT from moving about in the rear of your vehicle while driving.

The Zippered Carry Bag also features carry straps to make it easy to move about. After you’ve loaded your Segway PT and packed your Ramps into the Bag, the Bag offers another super-useful purpose: manoeuvre it into place in the rear of your vehicle to prevent your PT from rolling and moving inside your vehicle during travel.

After many years of use the Zippered Carry Bag will begin to show its age. Segway New Zealand has brand new replacement Bags in stock. Call us today on 0800 2 SEGWAY and order your replacement bag for $249 (including GST and delivery).

The new Segway Front Bag for your Handlebars

Front Bag.jpg

The handy Segway Front Bag attaches to the PT’s Handlebar/LeanSteer Frame. It is an essential accessory for carrying a water bottle, a raincoat, your lunch…even handy tools or a padlock.

After years of use your Front Bag will age. Segway’s Front Bag has always been a very well designed item, with a large opening “mouth” along with several special pockets, webbing, and a space for tools (3mm and 5mm Allen keys).

Recently, Segway made their already-great Front Bag even better. It now features large, easy-to-grab and pull metal tags on the zippers (replacing the small plastic thumb tags). Some people claim the new bag is a worth upgrade for this feature alone!

Segway New Zealand has the new Front Bags in stock now. Call us today on 0800 2 SEGWAY and order your replacement bag for $249 (including GST and delivery).


* Actually, we really don’t recommend using two planks of wood to load your PT into a vehicle. Not only do planks get dangerously slippery when wet, but the lack of an angled end means they tend to tip sideways at the point of transition with the vehicle deck when rolling the PT up or down the plank,. This causes the plank to tip sideways and risks the PT spilling to the ground.

The #3 Experience in South Pacific is Segway On Q’s Segway Tour (TripAdvisor’s Top 10)

Want to take TripAdvisor’s #3 rated experience in the entire South Pacific?

Not only did Queentown’s Segway On Q fabulous lakeside Segway Tour take out the #3 spot on the ‘Top 10 Experiences – New Zealand’ list, but they also snagged the #3 spot for the entire South Pacific region.

Queenstown’s Segway On Q’s tour rates #3 of the Top 10 Experiences in New Zealand

Segway On Q have been consistent high achievers with TripAdvisor for many years. For example, in January 2013 they hit #1 Activity for the South Island, and for 9 years running they’ve been awarded Certificates of Excellence. Our congratulations go out to Kevin Hey and his team for attaining their highest accolade yet!

Experiences that can be had only in New Zealand claimed the top 4 spots on the South Pacific Top 10, and 5 out of 10 places overall. Check out the list:

  1. Kaituna River White Water Rafting (New Zealand)
  2. Skydive Auckland (New Zealand)
  3. Queenstown Segway Tour (New Zealand)
  4. Original Rotorua Forest Zip Line Canopy Adventure (New Zealand)
  5. Whitsundays Jet Ski Tour (Australia)
  6. Best of Melbourne Bike Tour (Australia)
  7. Hervey Bay Premium Whale Watching Cruise (Australia)
  8. Perth East Foreshore and City Segway Tour (Australia)
  9. Queenstown Quad Bike Adventure (New Zealand)
  10. Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls Tour from Caines (Australia)

What’s more, Segway Tours took two places in the Top 10 – the other being our friends in Perth at #8.

Segway Tours take 2 places in the Top 10 Experiences in the South Pacific according to TripAdvisor: Queenstown #3 and Perth #8

Segway Tours consistently rate as very popular activities in every town they’re found. To have two Segway Tours in the Top 10 for the entire South Pacific region goes to show just how much people enjoy seeing the sights on a Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

As well as being fun and involving in and of itself, riding a Segway PT gets you intimately engaged with the environment you’re exploring. At the same time you get to see and do more in a shorter time. Additionally, Segway Tours are unequalled in the way they empower those who are unable to walk long distances gain more involvement and enjoyment out of their visit.

Segway activities are offered in Whangarei, Auckland (at Devonport, and on Waiheke Island), Rotorua, Taupo, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin.

e-Scooter accidents fall 41% over 4 months despite rider numbers soaring

Despite a massive increase in the number of rides being taken, and growing personal ownership of e-Scooters, ACC figures show the number of reported accidents has been falling steadily.

By last month, incidents were down more than 40% from the January 2019 peak (from 427 down to 253 in May).

e-Scooter 41% drop ACC.jpg
The original image was sourced from the linked article in NZ Herald; the red arrow and black balloons with month and claims have been added by Segway NZ.

This drop is not surprising. Rather, it was to be expected as the flush of novice riders gained a little riding experience. While incidents have fallen every month since January, over this same time period the number of towns with sharing scooters has increased from two to six, the number of businesses offering sharing scooters in half of these towns has doubled or tripled – and with all this the number of rides being taken by people has soared. Additionally, since Christmas the number of privately owned e-Scooters has increased by thousands of devices.

Starkly, the facts are at odds with the tone of recent media articles about e-Scooter safety.

When sharing scooters hit the streets of Auckland an Christchurch during Summer 2018-19 it was entirely predicable there would be a quick jump up in reported accidents. Adults who’d not been on a Kickscooter since childhood leapt at the idea of having a go on one again – only this time with an added motor!

What fun there was to be had!

Not to mention a whole lot of benefits: increased personal productivity around town, faster and more convenient commuting trips, savings in petrol/parking/taxis/bus fares, etc. And (potentially) the increased utilisation of existing cycling infrastructure that would drive further investment in this area. Progressively minded Councils around New Zealand were quick to recognise these many benefits and embraced the arrival of sharing scooter businesses just a few months after they rolled out in a few cities across USA.

But while that little kid may have grown into a big adult, the laws of physics hadn’t changed since childhood. When a full-sized human gets on a small personal transportation device they need to (re)learn some basic facts: small wheels have limitations.

As with learning to ride any new wheeled conveyance safely, it takes a little bit of experience to work out out how to avoid objects and others, discover the limitations of the braking system (especially on hills or in the wet), gain a new perspective on just how rough some footpaths really are when feet are swapped for tiny wheels, and what it means to politely share the footpath/shared path/roadway in a considerate manner. As the ACC statistics reveal, a small portion of individuals experience an injury while learning, and for others it happens simply while going about their business (….just as some people trip and fall while walking, others crash while driving their bike or car). Riding an e-Scooter is not risk-free.

ES warning 7

But humans learn quickly. The graph of ACC data above proves this. In a matter of weeks a fair portion of the population in towns with sharing scooters have up-skilled, upped their transport options, and upped their productivity getting from A to B. Within six months we’ve witnessed a total transformation!

Despite what the noisey complainerati may claim, a quick look around the streets of Auckland in June 2019 reveals it is obvious e-Scooter riders have figured out how to be nice, polite and accommodating as they get around town, while pedestrians are nonplussed as they pass by.


Segway Helmets for kids and adults

Wearing a helmet offers protection for your head while riding your Segway device, and is one of the important instructions found in the user materials that are part of your purchase.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooters have become very popular over the last 12 months, and Segway New Zealand encourages riders to always wear a suitable helmet. We suggest and approved ‘multisport’ helmet rather than a bike helmet because this provides better protection for the back of the head in the event of a fall.

We’ve been offering our gorgeous new Kids and Adult Segway-brand Helmets for sale in New Zealand since 2018.

Segway helmets.jpg
2018 Segway helmets for kids and adults

They’ve also been offered bundled with our rideable devices.

Our previous Ninebot-Segway helmet has been offered since 2016, also available as a 7 piece rider protection kit (includes knee, elbow and palm pads).

Segway-Ninebot 2016 Helmet bundled with knee, elbow and palm pads


Loomo plays Segway Polo!

Taking a lesson from New Zealand Pole Blacks’ former Team Captain, Philip Bendall (2006-2009), little robot Loomo proved to be a natural on the sports field last week.

Loomo easily outplays S-plus (miniPLUS) players at the world’s first Segway Robo-Polo match (Auckland, 2019)

Grasping Philip’s hand-crafted custom polo mallet (made by Horse Polo’s most famous composite mallet-maker George Wood), Loomo proved to be a clever and ferocious presence on the turf.

Sporting more intelligence and Intel ‘Real Sense’ object recognition, Loomo was soon running rings around fellow players. Having little arms seemed to help, too.

Dashing young Loomo poses at post-match party for publicity photo with press

It was said that human cheering was almost overwhelmed by the frantic robotic bleeps and chirps that rang out from the sidelines, as man played side-by-side with machine.

After the final goal was scored and the fourth chukka came to an end the crowd was heard to say:

“Segway Polo was the winner on the day.”

Pole Blacks Rod Drury and Philip Bendall (Captain) in Auckland, February 2007 at the world’s first International Segway PT Polo match – playing USA’s Aftershocks for the Woz Cup (donated by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak).

Loomo is in-stock and ready to buy here in New Zealand only $2,795 (including GST and delivery)*

Segway Polo is traditionally played on full-sized Segway Personal Transporters by teams of five-on-five. Conceived in 2004, Segway Polo became the first new international sport of the 21st century when a team made up of New Zealand tech entrepreneurs challenged the San Francisco-based pioneers to the world’s first International tournament – to be held in New Zealand in February 2006. Today, teams from dozens of countries participate in this sport every year, where it has become particularly popular in Europe.

Should you find yourself lacking enough full-sized Segway PTs, then you can always get out on your front lawn and have some fast-paced fun on mini-sized Segway self-balancing devices (S-Pro/S-Plus). Segway NZ even offers Segway mini-Polo as a corporate event (call 0800 2 SEGWAY to enquire or book, or email


* price does not include polo mallet, and please note your ability to train Loomo to become a world-class sportsman/woman/robot may vary

MS Multiple Sclerosis: “Segway into my new life”

Dozens of Kiwis with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) use Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to get around. One recent purchaser was Megan Sadler, who’s story about raising money to acquire a Segway PT was a feature in Woman’s Day in 2018.

Megan, who lives in Auckland, chose the Segway x2 SE so she could get out and about – and keep up with – her young daughters. Read more about her experience in our article Megan overcomes MS limitations with Segway PT bringing “Hope on wheels.”

Megan was first enlightened about how Segway PT enhances the lives of people with reduced mobility while reading a book…

Segway Into New Life cover.jpgIn 2018 American writer Meg Lewellyn had published an account about her own personal journey with MS, entitled Segway Into My New Life (available at Amazon and elsewhere). Her Segway PT becomes pivotal to her continued mobility and well-being.

Segway Into New Life a.jpg

Many hundreds of New Zealanders with mobility impairment rely upon their Segway devices every day. Since its launch in New Zealand in late-2003 the Segway PT has proven to be a safe, stable and reliable platform for people to get around on.

In fact, Segway New Zealand’s very first customer had a leg injury, and our fourth was an amputee.

Segway Into Life b.jpg

If you can exercise good judgement and can step up and down one ‘step’ it is worth exploring if the Segway PT is suitable for you.

Auckland Megan Sadler and her family (copyright Woman’s Day)

About a decade ago a tourist from UK named Jenny Fergusson hired a Segway PT for a month while she was visiting New Zealand. Like Megan, she has MS and knew getting around on a Segway PT would make a world of difference to her holiday.

I love my Segway [PT]. I first fell for it when it transformed my holiday to New Zealand

When she returned to UK she purchased her own – a Segway XT model with cross-terrain tyres. Read Jenny’s story in this delightful article published in a UK magazine.

Source unknown (maybe Woman’s Day UK)

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