Top Kiwi entrepreneurs and their Segway PTs

While it is not for us to be so bold as to suggest causation, there is certainly a high correlation between being recognised as one of New Zealand’s top entrepreneurs and owning your own Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

Lets consider three leading examples: Rod Drury (Xero, Trade-Me, Aftermail), Seeby Woodhouse (Orcon, Green Carbon, Voyager Internet) and Bill Buckley (Buckley Systems).

Yes, of course they all own Segway PTs, and….

Also, Xero and Buckley Systems were two of the three finalists in the 2013 NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

So there it is folks. The statistics are on your side….

….buy a Segway PT and the data suggests the odds are good that you’ll become a top entrepreneur!


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