JAG Security makes big impression at Waipuna Hotel with Segway Patroller

JAG Security Services are patrolling Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre using a Segway Patroller.

The Auckland-based company began their first trial using a Segway Patroller a few weeks ago, and are now clocking up more than 30km per day over – above  distances covered by foot patrols. This is a massive increase in security presence – achieved without any increase in staff numbers.


Waipuna Hotel is one of New Zealand’s largest conference venues, with hundreds of cars and up to a thousand guests entering and leaving the site daily. JAG Security manager Brett Gillett pitched the benefits of putting one of their guards onto a Segway Patroller to hotel management last month. Since early August JAG Security officers have been completing their rounds on two wheels, and achieving great results.


The Segway Patroller enables an officer to move quickly and quietly around this sprawling facility that has a complex layout of buildings, car parks and lawns. One officer on a Segway Patroller achieves a greatly increased security presence  – many times greater than one officer on foot can provide. More importantly, they can glide around to all points on site and check just about everywhere, whenever they want, without being locked into a regular “on the hour” set of regular rounds, which provides far more effective security against intruders who might otherwise attempt to circumvent security with knowledge of a set timetable.


Today JAG Security ordered the brand new, latest model Segway i2 SE Patroller for permanent deployment at Waipuna Hotel. And the company is already looking to other sites around Auckland where a Segway Patroller will help their business secure fresh contracts, and improve the quality of service being delivered to existing customers.

Waipuna Hotel is located on the edge of one of the many beautiful estuaries of Auckland’s Waitamata Harbour, next to the industrial and commercial centre of the Mt Wellington suburb of Auckland city.


Sneak peek at Segway 3-wheeled product for public safety, security and Police

Segway, Inc. has revealed the first glimpse of a new 3-wheeled vehicle designed for the public safety sector, including Police, security and first-responder users. First announced earlier this year, this new device is on schedule for delivery to customers in the first quarter of 2014.


It is being designed to complement the very successful 2-wheeled, self-balancing Segway Patroller models of the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) .



Segway Patrollers secure The Base shopping center and Coca-Cola


Hamilton’s The Base shopping centre is one of the largest malls in New Zealand, and keeps getting bigger. For the past three years Waikato Security has held the contract to provide security services, and one their most important ‘tools of the trade’ has been a Segway i2 Patroller.

This unit has travelled more than 17,000 km in that time, or about the distance from Auckland to London. This Patroller is still running smooth and quiet on it’s original set of Segway Lithium battery packs. Patrols average about 20 km per day, with officers taking the Patroller out many times per day – especially as trouble is being caught on camera in a far corner of the site an monitored on-screen in the security office.

At Coca-Cola’s bottling plant in Carbine Road, Auckland, a Segway i2 Patroller is used by the security guards to patrol this large site. It is based at the Guardhouse located at the entrance through which all heavy traffic enters and leaves. FIRST Security provides security staffing at this site, and owns this Segway PT that has been averaging 25km per day over the last 3 years.

The staff at their on-site engineering workshop recently constructed this handy stand and charging station for docking the Patroller against when it is not in use.


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