30,000km later: Segway On Q’s longest-serving PT

Segway On Q's two vans used to transport passengers and PTs.
Segway On Q’s two vans used to transport passengers and PTs.

Earlier this week Segway New Zealand helped Kevin Hey – proprietor of Queenstown’s Segway On Q tour business – service his fleet of ten Personal Transporters (PTs).

When checking the odometer of one of their eight i2 models, we discovered one “little Engine that could” had almost 30,000km on the clock!

Using Segway On Q’s popular 5km ‘Bay Tour’ route as an average distance, one could say this machine has ferried happy tourists on some 6,000 trips since starting out on its busy service life.

It is a testament to Segway, Inc.’s engineers that they have designed and built such a reliable and capable platform. The Segway PT is constructed with rugged components designed for many years of service life, and has a full set of redundant sub-systems to offer safe, reliable transport. To meet New Zealand’s health & safety regulations and various other legal requirements for transporting paying tourists, a self-balancing ‘human transporter’ must have redundant sub-systems throughout. Only the Segway Personal Transporter is designed and built with twin, fully isolated and independent sets of components (i.e. a pair of double-wound motors, two battery packs, two controller boards, and multiple sensors).

Segway On Q's fleet of Segway PTs
Segway On Q’s fleet of Segway PTs

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