On-the-go, through-the-snow in Queenstown

Segway On Q is the Southern Hemisphere’s longest-established Segway Tour business, and consistently rated one of Queenstown’s top rated activities – year after year.

When Kevin & Jo Hey launched their business in 2006 there were very few Segway Tours operating outside USA. Since then, taking in the sights on a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) has become an activity that is sought out by tourists in both New Zealand and around the world.

Exploring a new place on a Segway Guided Tour enables you to see more in less time. Oftentimes travellers miss out on seeing all there is to see because they are tired or because they can’t keep up with their more active companions. But on Segway PTs everyone gets the most out of their limited time on their visit…..in any weather and in any conditions!

As New Zealand recovers from a “once-in-a-lifetime” cold snap, see Segway On Q’s Facebook page to view a video of a Segway i2 fitted with snow tyres plough through inches of fresh snow with ease. Watch how these tyres offer plenty of grip, and keep the safe, stable platform of the Segway PT upright and mobile as Kevin demonstrates the capabilities of this remarkable machine.

Segway New Zealand offers these IRC Snow Tyres as an alternative to the standard i2 tyre, and recommends it for tour operators, security patrols and most delivery roles. They also enable adventurous private owners take their i2 further into extreme conditions…..and have even more fun as they explore the world on their Segway PT.

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